Friday, November 13, 2009

The Worst Sweet Tea~Ever!

Last night when Cas came in from work we finished getting dinner together and I said "we need to make tea"!  So I went ahead and made it! Then the DB poured it in the pitcher and added water and sugar. After eating some of my food I grabbed my tea and drank a big gulp of not so sweetness!  YUCK!  Cas looked at me and asked what was wrong and I was like "OMG our tea tastes like coffee!"  I thought we really needed to clean our coffee maker because that is some foul tea!  Not to refreshing NOR sweet.  After finishing the DB got up and cleared the table and went and looked in the coffee maker and exclaimed that "I(me) was such a dummy because I didn't take the coffee grinds out from that morning!"  Well he being a dummy too would have realized that if I had just made tea there would have been tea bags sitting in there as well!  I sat there and thought back a minute and realized that I had emptied the old coffee grounds and then went back to start the TEA and I played the motions back in my head and I realized that I grabbed more coffee grounds, because they sit right next to the coffee pot, and I put those in there instead of grabbing tea bags!  WOW!  You know he mixed up the "tea" he didn't realize it didn't smell so "tea-ish"?  Gosh really?  I can't be responsible for all of my own actions!  Yes this is a true story and Yes I brewed coffee to go with my delish roast I slaved over crock-pots are the best ALL day! Thank You, Thank You!  I think I might should up my vitamins or something else;)

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