Friday, November 6, 2009

Show Us Your Life~Thanksgiving Traditions

This week at Kelly's Korner everyone is sharing their Thanksgiving traditions.

Every year we have two seperate Thanksgiving's.  One in Macon, Ga where Cas's family lives.  His Mom and one of his Aunt's(nurses) and Brother-In-Law(cop) all have the same weekends off so it depends on the weekend they have off.  One year we didn't make it because we had Auburn/Alabama tickets!  They have Thanksgiving and Christmas other weekends than the actual holiday since the family is rather large and that way everyone can go to the other side of the family on the holiday.  At Cas's family Thanksgiving we have tons and tons of food.  So much that you will feel full just looking at it.  Everyone is assigned dishes to bring and it is an all day long buffet!  You eat until you look like they Turkey in the Thanksgiving Day parade!  There is one Granny, 5 sisters, their husbands, 11 grandchildren and their spouse/signifigant others, 3 great grandchildren and two more on the way!  That equals lots of people!  There is never less than 30 people in one house.  We take turns eating at the tables.  You must wear your deoderant cause your gonna be close with one another for the day!  I don't have many pictures :( but I do know this picture was taken for us last year.  We had a cousin-in-law do a mini photo shoot for us so I could send out Fall cards with our new address on them!

This was us last year in Macon on his Granny's front porch

Then we go to Birmingham for actual Thanksgiving to spend time with my Dad and his wife.  We have a much smaller crowd there!  2 parents, 3 children (me and my two step-brothers), Cas and my step-brother Tom is getting married so that is one more.  We also have a family friend that joins us so usually we have 6 and now we will have 7!  We all fit around one table in the dining room.  We have the usual turkey, green beans, sweet potatoe casserole, etc.  We also have two types of dressing.  One is a southern dressing and the other is more of a northern dressing.  The guys watch football all day of course.  I like to get up and watch the parade and I start scouting the sale papers for the best deals on Black Friday.  I make my list of where I have to go 1st and what is most important to try to get for fear they may go quickly.

This was us last Thanksgiving in Birmingham
Cas setting the table

My Dad cutting the Turkey.....the skin is my favorite part!  I know it is fattening!
 This is Calico.....she literally came up to the dining room window while we were having our Thanksgiving meal two years ago.  We were eating and I looked over and there was that extremely scrawny, at the time, kitty sitting in the window out in the cold.  Luckily for her there was turkey leftovers and I with a soft heart for animals!  I snuck her some of the goods!

That is right you go ahead and thank me......."Thank you for convincing those parents of yours to take me in and spoil me...meow meow.......I am sorry for the times I have bitten you and clawed you....I shouldn't do that you fed me and these people gave me a forever home.....meow meow!

This year the Auburn/Alabama game is on Black Friday so Cas will be with the boys and I shall be hunting for deals or window shopping!

This is just a few weeks away!  We are doing Birmingham Thanksgiving and Macon Thanksgiving all the same weekend this year. Lots of driving!

What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?  What is your favorite recipe?  I just love some southern sweet potatoe casserole with the brown sugar and or marshmellows!


  1. Are you sure I'm setting the table, or am I dancing?

  2. I wanted to stop by and thank you for linking up to Sharing Thanksgiving.

    You know I have never had sweet potato casserole with marshmallows. One day I'll try it! With two dinners you get a double Thanksgiving...lucky you!


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