Friday, April 10, 2009

Please Splurge

I was reading AOL today and they have an article of things that are considered wasteful spending. O.K. that is fine I admit we all have done it and will continue to do it. I have been guilty of buying things in a prettier package or something that was name brand (mind you I am soo cheap now). They even suggest that you buy whole carrots to cut them to make the cute little small ones as they say it's cheaper. O.K. that is fine too as I just disposed of some this week. But then I get to the tip where they say that spending money on underwear is just wasteful! They suggest going natural. Really??? Because my all time favorite underwear came from Wal-Mart not Nieman Marcus! Mind you they have discontinued it and I have gone to all links including searching EBay and Wal-Mart Canada online for them. I swear I am not lying. Ladies (and Gentleman) I am not going down the list of gross/ungross reasons as to why you should wear them (atleast in public). I should not have to point this out to you! You are entitled to do what you want when you are at home. I have not a problem with that. Do what you want......but I say you should go out and "splurge"!


  1. Hi, Melissa, thanks for stopping by to see me, so nice to meet another AL girl! You're so funny, I totally agree, we should all be wearing underwear. Some bad things could happen with NO underwear on & I don't want to be a part of that! ha!

    Thanks for mentioning me, that makes me feel good that you enjoy my decorating & thrifty ways. Don't worry about that store I wrote about, it's WAY expensive and most things are only 30-40% off right now. It's still out of my league! I bought one thing & that was a splurge. It is a pretty shop to browse though. Hope you'll come back to see me often.

  2. I completely agree - underwear is a complete necessity! My mama always told me to wear clean underwear in case I was ever in an accident. Can you imagine the horror of being in an accident with NO underwear! AAAhhh!!!!

  3. LOL! I agree. Everyone NEEDS underwear! -Renea


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