Friday, November 13, 2009

Operation Christmas and Compassion

I set out to start getting some of my items for my shoe box's today and it is harder than you think.  I know you are thinking what is hard about finding some $1 items and filling a box.  Well when you think about what they really need it would never fit it a shoe box, a full size moving box or even a refrigerator box!  I did off course pick up pencils because that is one of the things that they love to get because they are far and few between and they can write or draw with them.  How many of you have given your child a stack of paper and a marker to draw or write to keep them busy?  That is not even something that some of these children get to do.  Cas and I were talking tonight about this and some other things such as the Compassion Bloggers trip to El Salvador that I am sure many of you have read about at Kelly's Korner as she has had the honor of traveling with them on this trip and is blogging about it.  I also came in to check blogger in time to read that Angie Smith had posted about their being a live feed interview with all of the Compassion Bloggers tonight so I was able to watch a good bit of it.  I had been watching the CMA's and came in here to check on something during a commercial break and read about that so I tuned in and I listened to the rest of it not even going back to the CMA's.  There stories are just so much to take in.  Last season on 18 Kids and Counting with the Duggar family they went to El Salvador as well and I have watched that episode a number of times and I have listened to them talk about the poverty there and they showed many of the children there.  The biggest thing of that episode that has stuck with me was when they went to an orphanage and they showed all of the precious children that are orphans and technically should be adoptable but they said it takes 7-8+ years to adopt a child from there if at all.  It sounded like the government just doesn't make them a priority.  I have been reading Kelly's blog all week with her stories and I a have also been following some of the other bloggers that are there as well.  They have asked for people to step up and sponsor a child or children through Compassion for the cost of $38 a month.  Sometime in the next year or two, when things are financially better I would love to be able to do this!  I went to Compassion's website and they have all of the children that need sponsors and I looked at the children in El Salvador, you can look at a list for any country, and I noticed a lot of the pictures have hearts on them.  I looked to see what that meant and it stated that  they have been on the list for over six months for a sponsor!  It is sad to read and see list after list of them!  So if any of you are able and would want to sponsor a child go visit their website.  I will tell you that I have cried while reading their blogs and watching their videos they have posted.  What a blessing for them to be able to go over and witness to these families and children! 
As far as Operation Christmas Child my friend Susannah is going do some boxes as well.  You can go read about it here!  As Cas and I were talking we decided we can go ahead and commit to this for next year as well.  Since I have been getting so many things for Free with my couponing and a lot of them are toiletries I can start putting some aside for next year. Sometimes I see the Freebies or the next to nothing deals and I don't get  them because we don't need them but I can go ahead and put them away as well as collecting pencils, etc during the after holiday sells when they have everything marked off!  If you decide to do this you can read my previous post on it and go to their website and you type in your zip code and they will tell you where to drop your box or boxes off at.  There should be a church or school close by to you!  God Bless You ALL and to ALL a goonight!

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