Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Starting to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Well really it just looks like this right now!

Maybe by December it will look like this!

Yea right I wish!  I wish I had a fire place and mantle.
We started pulling the Christmas decorations out tonight so that I can get started because we will be gone the next two weekends and I want to get it all done.  Cas put ALL the trees together.....umm that would be 4 of them!  A 5th and 6th stay put together because they are small.  We have a live tree in the den so we will make our annual trip to pick that up the first weekend in December!  So yes there is a tree in everyroom!  Whew a lot to do!  Our tree in the den was a GORGEOUS 9!!! foot tree last year.  We had to open both of the back doors to bring it in and still had to cut some of the top off and it still touched the ceiling!  That was a few months after we moved in and we didn't have as much furniture as we do now so I won't get to bring my 9 foot beauty home this year!  Don't worry I will have my sites set on 8 1/2 footer! ;)

P.S. those ugly curtains are gone and I think I am going to try something new with the gold in the tree this year.  It just didn't have enough umph!


  1. WOW your tree is so pretty. Looks like something out of a Martha Stewart catalog!

  2. Now that is one heck of a tree! Love it. Cant wait to see what all you do this year! I am working on changing my tree this year too, to make it more pretty!


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