Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Target and I are Becoming Very Close

Lately I have been getting a lot of super deals at Target.  I follow a lot of coupon blogs and they tip me off on some of the great deals.  I also had a bunch of BOGO coupons from the super sweet P&G savers a couple of weeks ago.  I used all of them and stocked up!  Now I just need someone to come and use them!  I like to keep things stocked and if I always try to do it when I can get thing BOGO and use a coupon on top of it.  It is really exciting to me!  Also I used these coupons and went Monday after all of the Halloween candy was 50% off and stocked up on goodies.  We have enough candy to last us til next Halloween but Cas may have it gone by New Years!  There is also coupons for Halloween Oreos which I bought two packs off 50% off with a coupon on top off.  My biggest find was a bottle of Margarita Mix that was $2 all because it had a pumpkin on the label!!  They had soo much stuff that din't even neccesarilly look Halloween-ish like the plain blacks frames that were 50% off just because they had an orange sheet of paper in them!  I am sad that I put them back now!  I can definately see me making these after holiday sales trips a must when we have kids.  There were so many cute things that you could put away for the next year.  I always got fun goody baskets for all the holidays.  This week they have a special where you buy two Wii games and get the thrid FREE!  Plus there is a coupon here for $10 off of two!  Hmm maybe the honey will recieve some games in his stocking! 

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  1. Oh my weakness! If I'm having a bad week, I plan a trip to Target! :0)


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