Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sayings

My great friend Sus is starting a new game!  Two weeks ago I won!  She posted in her blog that the first person to know the the actor that said a certain line and the movie it was from would win a prize.  I answered correctly and I recieved a little goodie package in the mail a few days later!  It is the first blog contest I have won.  I enter many giveaways but the blog gods have not been on my side for winning!  Here are my goodies!

The gummies were gone within an hour 15 minutes of me opening the package!  I love gummy candies!  I always need gum for my purse and I always keep pens and note paper by the computer so I can write important blog reminders!  Ha!  You don't want to forget an awesome blog address or etsy store!  So ladies be on the lookout for her to post today for your chance to win.  Isn't it so much fun to get personal letters and packages instead of bills and junk mail!  Happy Sunday!
P.S. Also don't forget to go and buy papers for the coupons.  I buy two!

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