Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh What A Day

Oh what a day for the nasty rain...........
Gosh I don't think it ever stopped. Thank you Ida!  Now where do I send the receipt for the row boat and rain boats I need to get from the house to the car?  Oh and convinceing Maggie to go potty in the pouring rain was a "boat load of fun"!  I had to lasso her up and go stand out in the middle of the yard with her while she shook until she decided she better go because Mamma was not taking her back in until she went.  Meanwhile I was getting soaked!  When Cas left for work yesterday he told me not to go anywhere because he did not want me out driving in the downpours because he knows I hate driving in the rain.  It has ended up bad for me before!  Wellllll I decided to save more money and get more items around here I was going to have to start shopping at Publix!

Oh what a day for savings.................
Well we don't have one here in town yet.  They are supposedly building it but they need to build faster.  We have some within 30 minutes of the house.  Their sales go from Wednesday to Tuesday like Winn-Dixie.  I have shopped them before when I in town I have just never made a habit of going.  Well if you read a lot of food saving blogs Publix seems to be a phenomenal place for savings.  So I suited up in my raincoat and rolled the bottom of my jeans up don't you just hate when they get wet and then your whole leg gets wet.......? and grabbed my coupon novel along with the plethora of ones I found online for Publix and ones that went with their BOGO's  of the week.  I set out in the downpour to drive to LaGrange because it was the last day of the sale and there were a lot of things we needed so I had to get there come hell or HIGH water! And high water I did see.  So I gripped the steering wheel and prayed to get to the grocery store to tell about it blog about it.  The Publix I went to, I clocked it, it 30 miles from our house.  Normally I get to LaGrange pretty quick when I go visit a friend so it is really not that big of a deal.  I have to drive no matter where I go grocery shopping.  I made a list off of their website of all of the BOGO's that I had coupons for and I set out to only get that stuff, other than milk because we needed it. 

The Tylenol was FREE and the tape was almost free.  They had a $3 coupon in the Publix coupons inside the store and $1 off online and each box is only $3.99!  Pup-Peronis are for Christmas! LOL I am really sad I did not go ahead and get the chocolate chips that were a major deal.  I have some but I will probably need more for holiday baking! Sigh.......

It is hard to read but it says I paid $37.46 and saved $74.13!
I am pleased but still not thrilled!  I know it could have been better!
A friend of mine, who has a husband and three boys to feed went yesterday and spent $29.70 and saved $124.93!!  She also said had she realized she could have saved another $13.00 on top of that! Now that is what I am talking about!  Until we meet again next time this week Publix!


  1. FYI, best way to save money is to not spend money. ;)

  2. Well stop eating all the food and I won't have to buy more!


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