Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Everything Has A Place


Little Blue Baskets to match the paint color and they came from Dollar General for .50 cents on clearance!  That detergent is thanks to BOGO and coupons!  Sweet!

My plethera of cleaning products that I have stocked yet again to fabulous deals!  Every crafty women keeps 15+ cans of spray paint around....No?  It bothers me that the paper towels are upside down!

This is a peak inside our hall closet.  I had just tried to stop opening it for fear of what I would see or worse, what would fall and give me a concussion or the worst......death from a falling tool!  I don't think Maggie would be able to handle becoming an orphan from a "closet catastrophe"!
I found the shelves at the DG on clearance from there back to school college dorm room type stuff!  They were going to be for the Man's closet but I found them a new purpose in life!  Little buckets contain tools and electrical cords, etc.  Give them a week and who knows what will have married into my little black buckets of beauty from the Dollar Tree.
Oh and I did crop out all the coats that live in their too!  On blueprints to houses they really should label these little nooks with doors "Crap Closets" and not the formal name of "Coat Closets"!  Really you want to tell me you JUST put coats and jackets in there?  LIAR! LIAR! PANTS ON FIRE!

Bucket O' Bug Spray!  Apparently they are shaking in their 6 little legged bodies cause those dad blam ants won't get the heck outt'a here! 

Under our kitchen sink where each tub has a certain category of items.  Funny I should say that.....cause I gave the run down on the goin's on of my method and before I could get these pictures posted I opened up the cabinet and it didn't look so much like this.  Only one other person has posable thumbs in this house!  Guilty???

Pour Some Spices on Love
Take a Bottle Shake it UP.........
(we love some Penzy's)

And last but not least this little beauty!  I came up with this a few months ago for all my little backing items, popcorn, salad toppings, etc.  A friend of mine visited this summer and she loved the idea since she didn't have much room in her pantry.  This one came from Target for a few dollars and I hung it with 3M's because I didn't like the look of the metal hooks showing that came with it.  Also, they were scratching the outside of the door.

Cause I need 10 25 more boxes to fill!
If Cas ever goes missing you should check in the rubbermaid boxes.....things tend to get stored shoved in them!  If you put all your junk in boxes and stack them ever so pretty then it looks much better then a pile of junk thrown in the corner or crammed in a closet!  They don't teach that in decorating 101 in interior design scholl?  What?  Really?

There you have "Project Organization"!  Does this project ever end? 

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