Thursday, January 22, 2009

President, Phoenix and Past Few Days

I wanted to post on Tuesday night but was I was in Atlanta picking Cas us from Phoenix. Yes I had to pull my self away from the most actual and factual reality t.v. there is! I did not get to see Michelle come out in her beautiful Jason Wu gown with the rest of the world! Cas was sent away for a few days for work to Phoenix. He said it was much warmer there he enjoyed the hotel bed without 5 pets in it! He went this time last year and it snowed here while he was gone. He was very upset at the chance that it might have happened again while he was gone this time. Since it was just me and the kids (pets) we enjoyed watching all of the inaugural events starting on Monday. Three whole days of reality t.v. and important people. Ah heaven! It does not matter if you are Republican or Democrat it is history in the making. Not just for the fact that he is the 1st African-American president but for so many other reasons as well. It was also the second time in history that both Pres and Vice Pres were both coming from the Senate. Then there is of course sitting on the edge of your seat to see what everyone is wearing...ha! Everyone looked lovely even the little girls. But Aretha, don't wear that hat again! I do think it was rude though when everyone boo'd when they introduced President Bush. I do not care if you like someone or not especially of that just don't Boo! You know in some countries if you did that you would be locked up or worse! Just gracefully smile and clap. Trust me I know this country has many problems right now but I am sure Fidel can find something for you to do there if you are that unhappy here!
Please do pray for our new President and his staff to have the power and the knowledge to make the right decisions for our country!

Love us!


  1. I love your blog. Isn't it so much fun? Keep up the good blogging.


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