Monday, January 4, 2010

I Shall Be A Slave to My Computer This Week and Other Weekend Ramblings

Yep I shall!  As I mentioned earlier I have volunteered my time and sorta-kinda computer knoweledge for a wedding slideshow project!  Plus my sorta-kinda is more than the parents nothing-really knowledge!  I spent some time with the Apple-AllKnowing LG last night and she was gracious enough to make me a little how-to-video on a Mac program that I have never used! So sweet!  Well we have the older version so the hubs-to-be has agreed to let me do a little Best Buy shopping this a.m.!  Now I would like to say that I would not have to be making a mad dash to Best Buy this morning had we been updating our software when Apple puts out the latest and the greatest upgrades.  So I was emailing LG and I told her hubs-to-be works on a computer (normally with multiple screens running) all day so when he comes home he rarely ever uses our little apple. I told her the case would be that if he used it like I do because blogging, wedding planning, facebook, email, etsy are all very IMPORTANT then he would have this thing to the highest of it's potential!  Well a few minutes later hubs-to-be even spewed it out of his mouth that "yeah if I used it more then I would make sure it had all the latest updates and newest software on it!"  Remind me to put "I Cas do promise to keep the computer updated or buy her a new MAC for my wife during the course of our marriage," in my wedding vows!  He did have me looking up Mac Laptps last night because he is envious that Laura has a Mac Book Pro!  Once we get married and start on the babies that leaves us shutting down the office and turning it into the guest room and making the guest room a nursery.  Well that insued the hubs-to-be to start measuring out rooms last night!  We don't want to spend all this time finishing painting and decorating the office with my cute black/cream/tan toile~tear if we are just going to undo it!  Yesterday as we were working on putting away all the Christmas decor we started re-arranging the back half of our den.  Well before Cas and I bought this house he decided to go out and buy a desk from Ashley furniture not knowing or bothering to find out that I come with two desk's! One desk is my childhood desk that my parents bought for me that my Dad sent with us when we were moving in!  It was really just his way of saying you don't have a lot of furniture yet so get this out of my house cause we need to room and find a place to stick it!  So we did and now that desk as of yesterday afternoon has moved to a new place to make room for a new piece of furniture!  We need a buffet for storage of the tons of pieces of glassware/dishes I have and will be getting so I am taking a piece of furniture that is really a dresser and making it a buffet!  So instead of just putting away Christmas yesterday we re-arranged and pulled furniture out and vaccumed and mopped!  Wow it is amazing what you find under your couch!  Anyways since we have that desk in the den we may just end up putting a laptop in the den or moving this current one and Cas has some elaborate plan to make some network of "stuff" so there are not any wires!  Personally I like this idea that Shannon did!  No we won't be needing a baby room any time too soon but I also have a set of furniture that was my Mom's when she was little and I have got to move it out of my old house to sell and I will be using part of the furniture for our children so we wont be using the office as an office for too long!  That also means a lot of of Cas's Peanuts collection, shot glasses, sports memorabilla and our other random items in here will have to find a box to live in and we will have to store some shelves and a desk until we move to a bigger home.  After our day of reorganizing and packing up we had to make a return trip to Target.  Well this week they had a copier/printer/scanner on sale for cheap at Target and since I needed a scanner for the mentioned photo slideshow project and will need one for our wedding stuff we went ahead and bought it so that I did not have to borrow a friends scanner!  Well hubs-to-be started taking it out of the box and did not notice care that apparently it had been taped back up and that it looked like something was missing.  So he goes to hook it all up and guess what there is not any ink or the install disks with it!  So apparently someone bought it took the ink out and returned it! CLASSY!  So we had to drive back to Target and swap it out for an un-thefted one!  So now I am in business of scanning pictures!  Might I add that when you scan wallet size and 4x6 pictures you have 3/4th's of the screen that is white so then you have to go in and crop that out!  So since I shall be sitting here this week I am going to work on blogging and updating from the holidays in no particular order!  Each picture takes 3 minutes to scan!  The Bachelor starts tonight so I will have to break for that!  Gosh I wish we had bought that t.v. for the office last summer!  I am excited to see my finished project though!  Hope it turns out o.k.!  I may be charged and hourly tech-support rate from LG!  I realize I am skipping around in this post but that is how my thoughts are running right now! 


  1. Good LUck girl! I think you will really enjoy a new mac! Good luck on your furniture acquiring! You can do some thrift store shopping and DIY moakeovers for cheap! Lots of those on the "Before/After Blog"

  2. Poor little guy is having to have surgery today.


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