Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Things Worth Sharing

Old Navy is having $1 fleece scarves today!  Today only and you can buy up to $5.  I also found a coupon on so you may can score a coupon on top.  I like to have a lot of differant scarves to match different colors!

Don't forget to go buy your Wii games!  If we go back today I am going to have strength at the Dollar Bins!  Luckily for Maggie they have put their doggie winter clothes out at the 1-2.50 section!  Will post on that later! 

Also, they are having a giveaway for $25 to be used at The Monkey See Boutique.  Go and check out the details!  Click on the "giveaway" 1st.  They have some ca-uuuuute stufff!  I would like one of everything Dear Santa!

Maggie is hoping I win this giveaway so she will receive some new bling for Christmas! These handmade pet tags are super presh!

If you want something that will make you laugh go read this and keep reading her blog!  I found it this morning and was very entertained! I entered the give-away for the camera strap cover cause I soo need one! Yes in-deedy I do!  After that click on her archives and read 1-800-shoot me! I laughed out loud!

*I may be adding to this throughout the day!*

What is everyone doing on this pretty Saturday?  I would love to hear! 

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