Friday, November 20, 2009

Show Us Your Life~Pets (4 legged children)

It is show us your life~Pets this week at Kelly's Korner!  As all of you know that read this little blog we have a four legged daughter Maggie!

I have had her for 10 years and had her before Cas and I met.  She is a purebred Daschund and actually came from near where we live now.  She is very spoiled.......see below

She loves to ride in the car with us and depending on where we are going we like to take her with us!  She sleeps with us every night and is "The Queen of the Queen Bed!"  She has a vast wardrobe and loves her Momma and her Daddy! She loves to be in the kitchen under your feet while you are cooking hoping for food to fall because one of her favorite pastimes is to EAT!  We love her dearly!

We also have four cats!!!!

Snoogans~Blue Point Siamese (bottom~I did not name him! His name has to do with a movie)
Snittens~Chocolate Point Siamese (top)
They came from the same breeder and are half brothers with different mothers and the same baby daddy!
They have a love hate relationship but we are always very amused by them and their big personalities attitudes!  Snoogans was a surprise Christmas present from me to Cas a few years ago! Then we got Snittens the following Spring. Yeah I know you are thinking it is strange for a guy to have a cat but he has always preferred cats over dogs (that is until the Mags) and Snoogans loves him and sits by the door waiting on him when he hears his truck pull in in the evenings.
Snittens as a baby

 Snoogans as a baby

 They are talkers!

They are in Cas's lap here in the car.  We used to take them in the car when we went to Cas's parents in Macon until the most horrific car ride ever!  It was a trip for Christmas and I ended up standing on the side of the road in some teeny middle of no where town crying!  Snittens foamed at the mouth the whole way and between the two of them they got sick and and messed up my new coat and some of the wrapping on Christmas presents.  It was about midnight and I told Cas just to either leave me or them on the side of the road!  Obviously as you are reading you can see we all made it back in the car but we ceased the family vacays!

Tillie~Just a Itty Bitty Kitty

I have had her for a while and I had her ever since she was about 6 weeks old, she is the oldest kitty child.  It is hard to tell by the picture but she is tiny, about half the size of the rest of the cats.  She is definitely a different kind of cat!  She also eats more than anyone in this house and will sit at the food bowl when it starts to get low to make sure that you are informed that she is gonna need food! She also LOVES some men!  The second Cas sits down she is in his lap and rolls around and purrs.  Anytime we have male company over she likes to sit with them as well!

Possum~Tillie and Snittens had a litter of kittens last year so he is technically half full blooded Siamese!

Last year as a kitten

As the youngest of the house he is definately the "Wild Man" of the house!  He through the house and jumps over furniture very often!  You never know what he is going to do next!  He loves to wrestle with the other kitties and he loves Maggie too.  They often nap together!

There you have our "clan"!
It is rarely quite around here!
Melissa and Cas plus 5!

Plus 6????
This is Shadow who technically is "Not Ours" but she lives here!  She belonged to someone at some point and she has taken up residence here.  Yes we feed her.  She sleeps on our front door mat every night.  She also runs up when you pull in the driveway and she follows us around the yard.

The END!

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