Friday, November 6, 2009

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

I am playing along over at My Little Life!

1. What is your dream job?
Teacher or event planner
2. What
song could you play over and over?
Right now?  Hmm probably Party in the USA just because it is upbeat and I can sing to it!
3. Do you prefer to talk on the phone or text (or email)?
Calling is quicker than texting but I text a lot if it is short.  If it is long and I don't want to call then email because I can type fast!
What is your must have beauty product?
Lip Gloss-I like the Bigelow?? stuff at Bath and Body Works

5. What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
The day of his memorial service I could't get "Man in the Mirror" out of my head!  I actually like a lot of them!

1 comment:

  1. Hey glad to have you! So, Miley's song is quite popular, even among those of us "older" women (and by that I mean, we're not 12!!)! Hope to see you next week!


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