Friday, November 6, 2009

I Got The Best Deal I Can't Contain Myself!

I read lots of deal and coupon blogs, etc. but when I find something outstanding you know I must share with all of you!  O.K. see the add above?  This week they have buy two Wii games get the third FREE!  Well then you go to this Target link that has Christmas coupons on it and you print out the coupon for $10 off of two Wii games!  Print off a few and stick them in your purse!  Well here is where the deal got even sweeter.....I used FOUR coupons equaling $40 dollars off!  I asked the guy (I am glad I had a young guy check me out, they are game for anything) if he thought it would take more than one?  He said he would try and it worked so I handed him a third and fourth coupon!  I had more since the stack of coupon books were sitting there I could have grabbed more but I was afraid at some point the register might decide it had had enough and he might have to re-ring me up and I might not get to use as many coupons!?  I have thought about it a lot this evening how many I could have used? :( Now they have a lot of $14.99 games too that are great for the kids so you could certainly walk out of there spending hardly anything but the games that Cas really likes were all 49.99.  They also had a large section of the $14.99 ones up near the registers FY1!

I spent $65.98 and saved $89.99!!!!!
The promotion is only good through the end of tomorrow (Saturday) and the coupon is good through November but if you are wanting Wii games for Christmas then I would certainly use them on top of each other for the maximum savings!  This is when you buy things when they are on sale/promotion and a coupon on top of that!  Now I can't gaurantee anything as far as how many coupons you can use but because somethimes things happen differantly at differant stores!  Ahh I think I almost wet my pants I was soo excited! I may certainly go back and get three of the 14.99 ones and that would have me coming home with three games for the price of one!

Ahh I luuuuuuuuv a super great deal!

I wore these today!  I paid $8 dollars for them at the Payless sale I blogged about last week!
Meg yeah for your shoes you bought too!

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  1. I'm loving all your info on coupons..thanks for sharing all these great deals with us!! you're gonna love this..soo I told you about my shoes I got at payless..well, I got those pink flats TOO as part of my great deal!! Don't you love them? They bring a lot of color to an outfit:)


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