Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Prefer That You Call Me Bahama Mama!

Um yes that is what I said. I will be a Bahama Mama as of next Thursday at 4:00 p.m.! Cas's 30TH!!!!!! birthday is on the 10th of May and we have been trying to come up with something to do. We discussed a few ideas and just this past weekend we decided on a cruise! A little bit of a short notice! I have never been on a cruise. I have traveled a lot and been to a lot of great places I just have not left the contiguous United States! Our 1st plan was to go to Mexico out of Mobile. We were planning on booking Monday night and we woke up Monday morning to the news about the Swine Flu! Yeah we will pass. See procrastination does pay off sometimes. Had we not waited a day to book we would be cruising the sea on our way to Mexico and they are not canceling any of their cruises! It actually turns out this is a better deal anyways. I would rather go to the Bahamas and this boat is much nicer than the one out of Mobile. I told Cas if I got sick for his 30th birthday, he would hear about it at least until his 40 (really 60th) birthday! We really wanted to go on one that was a day longer but we could not work it out on such short notice. So this caravan will leave on Wednesday to Jacksonville! We don't get on the boat until Thursday afternoon but we are going to get as much out of this trip as possible! We hope to get to Jacksonville in time to eat dinner and do something Thursday morning! We are really excited. We have already purchased some necessary items! Yes I have purchased the cutest little straw beach hat for only $6.00 at Ross! I was up early this morning already packing my shoe bag while wearing my new hat! Bon Voyage!

Sincerely Bahama Mama and Bahama Daddy (doesn't have as cute of a ring to it!)

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