Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There is Such Thing As TOO Far!

Just a couple of tidbits that I want to share with you ALL!

The first being that the BF and I were watching t.v. before going to bed and the show we were watching (some news show) stated that everyone should be conscious of what they ate and do their part to stay slim so that they can help GLOBAL WARMING! Hmmmm so to sum that up for ya that means FAT people have also contributed to stupid case of GLOBAL WARMING! The really said that. Yeah sleep on that one or just go eat a candy bar!

The second thing is the PETA fruit cakes! They (Talladega race fans) are trying to break the Guinness Book of Records record for the number of people doing the Chicken Dance at one time. The Talladega Race is this weekend and so they are going to try to break the record there. Seems harmless. Who cares about a million drunk (scary) race fans all dancing like a chicken. It is their pride (or lack there of) so if they want to let them! Uh huh and here is where the PITA Peeps step in! They say this is OFFENSIVE to the chickens and the are protesting! Yes that it what I said. The drunk race fans are going to OFFEND the Chickens! Do they have t.v.'s in Chicken Coops? That is fancy if so. That is fine to stand up for harming animals but there is no just cause behind this one my friends. My favorite morning show Rick and Bubba were extremely fired up about this! As well as they should be. Rick stated that Chickens are just vegetables with a chance! These people should get hobbies!

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