Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Baby

Our baby Maggie is having surgery today. She is just like a child. She sleeps in the bed with us and you have to pack a bag before you can take her anywhere! Anyways she has had a place on the lower part of her belly that was bulging. Her Dr. had told us a while back that he thought it was a hernia and then she stayed at the vet while we were in Birmingham and the Dr. looked at her again and he said that he thought it might be a "mass." That is not what we wanted to hear! We postponed her surgery a week so that she could go to City Fest with us! I am waiting to get a call from them to hear what they found.

I spoke with the Dr. and all it really was was that her uterus was "caught up" whatever that means. He removed all of that and so it was not a hernia and she does not have anything seriously wrong!!!! Her blood tests came back and they were great! We are not ready to give her up for at least another 10 years!!!!!! Can't wait to have her home Wednesday afternoon!

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