Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Game On

So after reading blogs and even mentioning "The Grocery Game" in one of my posts. I decided to join. You can join for 8 weeks for $1. It will tell you what is a great/good deal or if is super cheap she will suggest that you may want to stockpile. It also points out the sales that are not really a sale. She will even point out the coupon and what the total price will be. I am able to get the print outs for Kroger, Winn-Dixie, Walgreen's, and CVS. We used the print out at Winn-Dixie last night. The problem was I had a buggy to push, a sales paper to look at, a Grocery Game print out to look at and my coupons to try to pull out! I am getting a better system together don't worry! We were in the store for a loooooong time. We needed mostly everything. I did manage to save $100. But my goal is to be one of these women that I read about that saves more than she spends. Yes I do need have a need to fill our pantry and fridge for cheap but I am also obsessed with this game of coming home with all of these free and cheap things and saving more than I spent!
"Put me in coach......I am ready to play!"

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