Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

We did not make it to church this morning but we did this evening. Our friends Adam and Ashley were in town and the group, Footprints, that Adam used to perform in played together tonight. They were really good and Adam is a really great singer. Don't worry I will be calling on him for a special day. Halfway there I realized I left the camera battery at the house so I could not take pictures to post or video for that matter! But I did get a few with my camera phone. The youth minister of that church did have a great message for us that night though. He spoke about the fact that people will shout from the rooftops who their favorite sports team is but won't do the same for God! He also told a great story about how he had been praying for new floors and his house flooded which majorly inconvenienced his life. Someone had pointed out to him though that he had been praying to be able to get new floors and now he was getting them!

Happy Holy Week!

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