Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Picniked Last Night

I will tell you all that I felt so horrible yesterday that I went home threw myself on the couch with a box of kleenex and watched (slept) through my recorded soap-opera from the week. Cas did call to check to see if I felt o.k. to go shopping for some things. I said "NO"......I know shocking right I might could have come home with something good, but that is how bad I felt. I did put the disclaimer out there that if he wanted to eat dinner that he might should swing through an eating establishment 0ther than our kitchen (because it was closed) and pick up something. He did come home with a wireless router for his work laptop so that he could work wirelessly when he is on-call for work. When he has to hook up the laptop in the office then I can't access anything I need to on the main computer and he never hooks it back up.......hiss........ He did mention that they had rather cheap laptops at Best Buy. Him knowing that I want one so I can blog from somewhere else other than our office. I perked up a little of of my perch (the couch) thinking he brought me a surprise!!!!!! He did surprise me the other day with a few bags of my favorite candy in the world as they were part of the mark downs from Easter. Nope......he just brought me some DayQuil. I guess he was tired of the "sniffing and snarling." He did try to keep the animals away from me as he afraid for their furry lives! I have shared with ya'll that I was having trouble getting some things to work as I wanted them to on my blog. I found a really cute site Shabby Blogs and I found some cute things on there that I wanted to use. I don't have a problem with the backgrounds at all and usually not the headers. I did find a cute header that I wanted to use because I could personalize it like I wanted to (for FREE). We have a Mac at home and Cas loves it.....I do for the most part except when it comes to doing design things. The header (as seen above) has a cute little frame on it. I wanted our picture in it. I tried everything and it sounds like a simple task. Huh? Well not for me and my sickly self this week. I emailed Megan of Shabby Blogs earlier in the day to ask her what I needed to do and she emailed me back and said she would love to help me if I would just send her my picture! Wow that was super sweet! Once I crept off the couch and ate the dinner that Cas was nice enough "to scare up" as he would say.....I shuffled around and stated that I was going to check a few things online and then I was off to bed. Well I checked my email and Megan had sent the header back with the picture in it and said I should try Picnik that it was easy and had some extras I could use also! So instead of checking my email and going to bed.......I stayed up and played on Picnik. I added a lot to my header and customized it! Yeah me!

Thank You Again to Megan of Shabby Blogs!
These flowers are for you!

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  1. Hey Melissa its Brandy! Not sure whats going on with facebook but here is my blog. I also LOVE what you have started on here! Its looking really cute! I cant wait until you get everything done!


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