Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yard Selling

I woke up early this morning to go "Yard Selling"! I didn't feel well so I kind of poked along taking my sweet time. I have not been to a yard sale in a long time but have been inspired by other bloggers to get out there and find items at a thrifty price that I can re-purpose in our house. The 1st one I made it to had some cute things and an awesome table. I sadly did not have a place for t. The only thing I purchased was this cute little all hook. I am thinking it will make it to the guest room to hold one of my baby dresses on.
I made it to a few more. Did not see anything that would work for my French Country needs and moved on. I did make sure to stop by the one that was listed in the paper that said she was raising money for her Breast Cancer 3-day walk. I did not see much so I purchased 2 old "Country Home" magazines for 25 cents. I like to look through and get ideas. I did not want to leave empty handed as it was a good cause. When I was heading to the other side I saw plants for sale. You know we buy plants any chance we can. She had Canna Lillie's and Day Lillie's for sale. Lord knows I DO NOT NEED another Day Lilly. She had already started them in pots that you can plant. So I thought I would get a couple for Cas for Easter.

Canna Lillie'sHundreds of Day Lillie's above to be separated. There are hundreds more that have already been dug up to move! They came with the house.

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  1. Ooooh! Once we finally move to Mobile, you can pass some of the lilies along to us!


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