Monday, April 20, 2009

A Few Things to Do and Then On Our Way for an Overnight Stay

We didn't go to Birmingham for Easter since my Dad and Mary had prior plans. They were going to have dinner this Saturday so we planned on going up Saturday and spending the night and coming back on Sunday. I had already heard that the Opelika News Paper was having a big indoor yard sale so I told Cas that we were making a stop there. I did find a few goodies. A cute rabbit frame for .50 and cute little rabbit flower vase. Cas has been hunting for a decanter for no other reason than he feels we need one for decorative purposes! We have looked at some at our local Antique Super Store....Angels, but they have been pretty pricey. We saw one sitting at a booth and Cas looked at it and it was ONE whole dollar! I told him "For the love of God buy the thing"! Now I have to hunt down some glasses to go with it! I also found a cute little silver plate that has Fleur De Lies on it! It was only .25. I think I know what I am going to do with it. I will post picture when I re-vamp it! I also bought a set of Old World Santas that have the date on them of what Santa would have looked like in that year. I started that collection last year and found a bunch of them. It was $4 and I asked the lady if she would take $2. Isn't that what you are supposed to them down! Afterwards she said they were raising money for one of their church members that has about making me feel bad! After our yard sale excursion we headed to Montgomery to Southern Homes and noted in previous posts as being one of my favorite places. It is heaven filled with plants! We had to pick up a some pavers for the walkway. We were hungry and pulled of an exit to find the mystery that we have looked for at that exit in the past and still didn't find this time. Cas spotted the Mac-N-More store that yet again we had looked for we stopped in. I am looking for some creative programs for our computer that I can use for blogging. We looked at some great stuff and left a mere HOUR later! My original plan was to get to my Dad's fairly early so I could lay out by the pool and get a free tan!We had a lovely dinner. The next morning we wanted to go to Costco to check it out since we just have a Sam's. I love their brand of dryer sheets! Another thing on our agenda was to hit Old Time Pottery. It is probably a good thing that we don't have one near us....but yet I can still get to it in Atlanta or Birmingham! I love that place. I am soo tired of looking at our bare floors. We have wanted a rug for some time.....we did have one but had gotten rid of it. They were on sale and we picked out one that went with our lamps! It doesn't look great with our curtains but I already have some new ones picked out. We bought some new glasses as they had them on sale for dirt cheap! We picked up some flower pots to finish up a project. I bought Cas a flower pot stand for Christmas that makes the pots into sort of a tower. We had waited to buy the flower pots because they are soooo much cheaper at OTP......please make note of this if you have one in your area. Side note.....we have bought most of the plants for this and I will post the pictures when we get done. We bought a few more things for the yard and a hummingbird feeder. We even bought something for a Christmas present! Hallelujah......I have been saying that we ARE NOT going to wait until December to start on this. One down, a lot more to buy. I also bought a new quilt for our bed as I am having to re-do our bed. I made the mistake of buying bedding that had some silky material on it and now it looks so not pretty thanks to the kitties! I do not like the quilt after getting home so it's going back. The next stop was a great plant nursery that my Dad and Mary suggest we check On our way back home we stopped by to see my friend Leslie and her husband Scott who had a baby a few weeks ago! I have been dying to see Les and Adley.

Leslie's parents were there as well. I just love them. I have known them a LONG time since Les and I have been friends since Kindergarten!!!! There was a chance of bad weather Sunday night and while we were there the tornado sirens were going off and the weather man was pointing out that there was signs of tornadoes literally withing mere miles of us. We moved our visitation down to the basement of their house!!!!! We stayed a lot longer than intended but I didn't care to drive in a TORNADO and I got to spend some extra time with everyone. Adley is such a sweet baby. She just laid in my arms and looked at me. Then I got to feed her in between her cat naps. She is pretty quiet and calm. Her mom says that she is not always like that. Adley I don't believe her! We finally made it home late but it was worth it to see family and one of best friends ever!

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