Friday, April 10, 2009

See I Told You

I was reading Southern Hospitality as I usually do. She just posted about a store closing in Birmingham and they have things marked down to 80%. Oh how I wish I would be in Birmingham this weekend. But I would have not know this had I not read her blog! See I told you!
Rhoda is a "Devine Decorator" and can make the cheapest thing look like a million dollars! She has the vision to turn "trash" into "treasures"! She will make you want to get up to "Go Yard Selling" as we say here in the South. In fact I think I will look for some this weekend all though it is probably a slow weekend for them.

Oh and I have over 900 clicks on my blog! That is 10 more than an hour ago! I think when it hits 1,000 I will have to do some kind of give-away. I will start working on that. But I must know who my readers are! Don't be a chicken. Please leave me a comment! Good Friday to You All!


  1. I'm hopping in for a visit!
    Your blog is a lot of fun~ I'll be back. If I can find my way :-)

  2. I love reading your blog. It is fun getting to know you again. When I am in Auburn we need to get together for coffee or something. If you are in B'ham let me know and we can get together to catch up.


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