Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dinner Date and Disastorous Dessert

We ate dinner with our friends Jason and Renea last night. Renea cooked some yummy pork, potatoes and cole slaw. I was in charge of bringing dessert. Sounds simple....huh? Cas's cousin had made a yummy strawberry Paula Deen cake a few weeks ago so I thought I would make it. Well I came to realize I don't have just a plain cake pan......just bunt cake and square cake pans and an assortment of holiday cake pans. I know I had some in the past as I have taken a cake decorating class before...guess they just didn't make it to our house. So I chose one a pan that is really I guess for a pound cake. That was the first of it not looking "pretty". Then I moved onto the icing. Simple recipe. I added all the ingredients it said to but it was more like syrup and not icing. I even added more confectioners sugar to thicken it....didn't work. I stuck it in the refrigerator hoping it would thicken. Wrong again. At that point there was no hope. I taste tested to make sure it didn't taste as bad as it looked. It tasted good just looked bad! Then the next problem. Last time I took a dessert over there I realized that I did not have a plastic cake pan and dome for traveling. When I ran into this last time I had to take the nice glass one and hope I didn't break it. Which with me is very likely. We have had a few household objects fall victim to this lately. So I put it on a tray that was cracked (knowing after the cake was done it would make it to the trash) and then sat it on another cookie sheet. We had to cover it with tin foil. Since my icing was just sliding off into puddles I took the bowl of icing so that everyone could just drizzle their own over their piece of cake. I told Cas we had to make some Brownies to take too since the cake looked so bad. We are going to Old Time Pottery this weekend for a few things so I am going to make sure to come home with a "plain" cake pan and a travel carrier for my next cake to ride in! Hopefully the next cake will be worthy! We were excited to get to spend some time with them since we have had conflicting schedules. They are expcting a baby boy in July!

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