Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blame Uncle Sam.....Not Us

In the next two weeks, everyone in our house will be fixed! Well not US.....just the four legged ones! Our two Siamese have already had the displeasure of the procedure. And now on to Tillie and Possum! Then Maggie goes in to have surgery on what we hope is just a hernia! Hopefully it is nothing more serious than that. Really guys it is Uncle Sam's fault not ours! He sent us the tax money back!

See below all the bribes we brought home hoping that it would make them forget!

Possum checking out the new scratching post! Maybe they will use this and not the real carpet!
Possum loves these cardboard scratching posts! He even sleeps on them so this time we bought him one that is a "chaise lounge"! Him and Snittens are fighting over it! The fact that it is covered in Cat Nip has something to do with the "not wanting to share"!

He claimed his bed!

Maggie is a sucker for Pigs Ears!
And the most unsuspecting of them all! Tillie (Mama Tills)

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