Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Put All My Eggs in One Basket and Counted the Chickens Before They Hatched!

I was so excited that we would be going by a Rite-Aid Friday night on our way out of town. (we don't have them near our house) Why you ask?
These fabulous little pastel colored yummies that just melt in your mouth! They are my absolute favorite candies! I live for the time of year they are put out! I was flipping through the sale papers last week and spotted a "Buy One, Get One" add in the Rite-Aid sale paper. You mean I can pay for one bag of these and leave with two bags of the bestest, yummiest candies that I Luuuuuuvvvv? No way! I made the wonderful BF whip the car into their parking lot as we were driving by on our way out of town. I quickly ran down the Easter isle with my eyes peeled for the sapphire blue bags of goodness. Hmmm don't see any. Maybe they are on the end of the isle with the other BOGO candies. Nope not there. I went up front and picked up a sales add with the picture in it and found a sales chick. I explained to her that I made a special trip just for these based off of their add. She said "Oh we don't have those in yet"! Well Ma'am your little colorful sales add with picture....might I add says you have them and that I can leave with two bags for the price of one...and you lied.....Is what I wanted to scream at the young girl who didn't really care about my concern! I said fine I came here just because this add and scurried off. They had plenty of the little minnie bags (like 15 count) so I picked up 2 bags and made my way to the counter. Such a let down I tell you!
"I guess I should not have put all my eggs in one basket or counted the chickens before they hatched"! Ha!

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