Monday, September 21, 2009

TV Madness

With all the new shows starting we have already ran into issues fighting over the DVR!  The other half has the DVR set to record all the shows he feels he has to watch and so that leaves me not be able to watch Dancing With the Stars.  Yes we have numerous tv's in our house but I can't cook from the bedroom!  I am having to push back watching Jon and Kate too!  I are rolling your eyes!  The problem is that you can only record two shows at a time....I am thinking we need to be a two DVR household!  Atleast we can agree on Jay and Chelsea which we are cracking up at tonight.  They just informed me too that Khloe Kardashian is getting married this weekend?  What the?  I am always up on my reality gossip and I have not heard that!  I must do better!
We will be glued to the tv tomorrow night watching The Biggest Loser!  Anyone else watching it?  There is a lady on there that lost her daughter, 2 week old son and her husband all in a car crash a few years ago!  I can not imagine going through that!  We are pulling for her!

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  1. Hey, I left you something on my blog-look under the post "a game"


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