Friday, September 18, 2009

Haaa-larious Happenings-This Stuff Really Happens on a Cruise People!

I finally have the 900 plus pictures from our trip downloaded since we had to buy a external hard drive last night because our computer was FULL! Yeah I take a lot of pictures! I took a couple of videos on board as well and thought I would give you some humor to start off your weekend!

The first three videos were taken at the past guest reception. Oh yeah we were invited by special invitations! Please focus on the precious older man in the tan jacket! I cracked up watching him! What a good sport he was! Sorry for the poor video and the fact that the camera moves around a lot! There may or may not have been free drinks at this function!

Pah-leeze watch right when they say "Hands on Your Knee's"

Again sorry for the quality of this video and we also tried to rotate it but had no luck.....but let me preface it for you! A couple of nights the head and assistant waiters put on shows for the guests at dinner. Also let me mention that most of them are from Indonesia, etc so their singing accents are pretty funny! On our last cruise they sang "That's Amore'" so when "Apple Bottom Jeans" started blaring out of the speakers and that was followed by 100 plus Indonesians singing and dancing I thought I was going to fall out! I was soo not prepared for that! I would like to add that they all are so happy to be there and I know they do not make nearly enough to have to dance to this!

I have got to invest in a Flip video camera! This summer Amazon had them for $40 (I knew that because a money saving blog posted it!) and I thought about getting it because it was so cheap and now I wish I had!

Hope you all get a good laugh!

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  1. Dude, ha-larious! :D
    What type of external hard drive did y'all get? We need to get one to back up all of our crap. Also, do you have a followers section on your blog?


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