Friday, September 18, 2009

Party on the Block

Tonight Cas and I went to downtown Auburn to the Block Party.  It is something they are having now the Friday night before the home games.  They have a different band each week and they had people out painting children's faces and yes one grandma's too!  I think she was supposed to be a tiger but when she smiled and showed her teeth it was more like a big rat!  So..... go rats!  She was also the Mom to the lady that was dancing with her husband and I am pretty sure the dance they were doing was from a work out video!  If only I could have turned on my video camera without anyone noticing!  Ahh the free entertainment!  One of our main reasons for going was because James Dean the artist that does Pete the Cat was at Auburn Art painting and signing pictures.  We have a few and we bought one as one of Cas's Christmas presents (to be put away until then) and he signed it. I have another one picked out for him too! I also took a few pictures of downtown while I was there too!  We had a good time and it was something differant to do on a Friday night.


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