Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Night When You Turn 30

What does a 30 year old women do on a Friday night? Um downloaded all of Miley Cyrus's songs to her Ipod from her new cd! I downloaded them for free though.  Back off all you who are judging right now! If you don't like her good for you but you can't even begin to tell me that when this song comes on in the car you don't sing along!  Maggie likes it too!  She moves her hips like yeah and wags her tail like yeah!

My friend Susannah has blogged about her love for this too and she is my age so hah!  Check out this parody she put on her blog!  Too fuunny!  I do lover her songs!  I am not walking around with a Hannah Montana shirt on or anything so I haven't gone over the edge!  And I might have looked to see if she would be performing anywhere in our region........sold out.........darn 6-14 year olds!

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