Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just When You Think.....

It is going to be a good descent night because you hear and sing to "It's Gonna Be A Goodnight" by the Black Eyed Peas on your way home...... It happens----You realize heh maybe it is not going to be such a good night. What tells me that you ask. Well when you are carrying the pizza sauce, that you just bought no less that 30 minutes ago, to the pantry to put away and it gracefully plummets to the floor shattering and exploding causing there to be pizza sauce fireworks from the kitchen all the way to the den! It the midst of this glass was all over the place and sauce went everywhere possible including in the crack of the back door, all over the pantry, covered the floor and even so nicely made it on to my chair in the den. Just flipping grand! It also covered my feet and legs and the bottom of my pants. Apparently the glass bottle was thoughtful enough to cut me up to as I realized this when I looked down and was bleeding from both legs! The bottle was not that big to have that BIG of a mess! Wow starting this pizza tradition on Friday's isn't going so well!
*The bottle that was harmed was for next Friday night as I had bought two! Now I get to add that back to the shopping list! I will post pics of our pizza when uploaded!

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