Friday, September 18, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Dinner Recipes

I read Kelly's Korner religiously. I have been following her since before she had her daughter and I absolutely love to read her! She is great! Every Friday she does a "Show Us Your Life" post with a new topic each week. I have thought of joining in on a couple of them that pertain to me but I seem to forget or get busy. Anywho today it is dinner recipes. I am sharing with ya'll one of my all time favorites! My Mother made it growing up and I loved it then and I make it because it is so simple and it reminds me of her. I enjoy making things that were her recipes since she is not still with me for us to cook together! I sure wish she was! I would give up everything to be able to!!!!!!
Chicken Escort is one of my all time, quick and easy recipes! I am going to be updating my cooking blog soon as I have been working on taking pictures of my cooking!

This is another one of my all time faves too! But I know ya'll don't need a recipe for that! We had this last week and my eyes are always bigger than my stomach when I make my Taco Salad! In case you are wondering about the dressing.....It is the Hidden Valley dressing mix in the packet that you add mayo and buttermilk to! That was another thing my Mom made for us growing up and I won't make it without it!
Here is another one of my SUPER simple meals! Pineapple-Teriyaki Chicken. Pour a bottle of Pineapple-Teriyaki sauce (found near dressings) over chicken and top with pineapple and bake til done and put over rice! It doesn't get any easier than this! The recipe is much better than the picture looks! Ha! I promise I do cook many more in-depth things but I had pictures of these on hand!
I hope you all do your post of your faves and link it to her blog so we can all get ideas and some great recipes. I probably have over 100 cookbooks in this house but I am still always on the hunt for a good recipe that I don't have to take all day to make!
Happy Friday!

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