Monday, September 7, 2009

Maybe They Had Too Much Salt Water

In between vacuuming dust bunnies the size of cats and sucking up spiders webs (it is amazing what inhabits your home while you are gone) I thought I would get in a couple of blogs. I just would like to point out that if you have low self esteem take a cruise! There is always some one on board that will make you think things could be worse. I am not talking about folks....I am just sayin! So I was in the main restaurant the other day waiting in line at the ice cream station....yep they have 24 hour soft serve ice cream! That in itself is just joyous but anyways these two ladies were in front of me and the first lady was fixin' her cone and told her friend that she should try that one too as it was the only one that had Strawberry (this one was Yogurt and the other two were Ice Cream). The friend saw the signs that said Fat Free Strawberry and Fat Free Chocolate under each of the respective flavors and she sighed and said yeah but I don't really like Fat Free. Well the middle one (as anyone with a Kindergarten certificate knows) just said Strawberry and Chocolate. The friend serious (dumb) as can be looked at the other friend and said well this one, pointing to the middle isn't FAT FREE! So the other friend trotted on over and made her a cone! The machine didn't need a sign~She did! Really? Everyone knows that what comes out of the middle is from the left and right sides right????? So that would make the middle FAT FREE!
Moving on......when we got on the cruise we headed to each lunch because that is really all you can do because they are still getting rooms ready. They play the news in the main restaurant. I noticed it was the news out of Denver and then they have something like CNN or something of that nature going which also has the time at the bottom from the Denver time zone. I do not know how they decide on which time zone, news to broadcast, I guess maybe it has something to do with what signals they pick up, etc. but anywho......we were at dinner one night and a couple that we ate with that was from Arkansas said they had been talking to another couple earlier in the day from Denver none the less and they commented on "How cool it is that they personalize the news in your room from where you are from!" Dear you really think that is someones job to sit there on the day everyone boards and program everyone's room to get their own personal news! Wow!

There is also a little top 10 of questions that have been asked on Carnival ships. Our Cruise Director told them at a show as our last Cruise Director dis as well! Here are a few:
* What do they do with the ice sculpture when it melts?
*Does the elevator go from the front of the boat to the back?
*Do you have generators on board?
*How do I know which pictures are mine?

Some people..............

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