Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Day of Summer

Today is the last day of summer.........  While I do love the colors, smells, and traditions of fall I do enjoy a lot of things about Summer.  Now I HATE loathe with a passion because it makes me wan't to vomit the humidity of the South!  We live right in the midst of it in Alabama too! I hate to sweat and our bedroom stays 120* in the summer!  But I enjoy such things as eating watermellon on a hot day, making homeade ice cream, love wearing obsessed with flip flops, sleeveless shirts and capris, sundresses and sandals, swimming, the lake and the beach, grilling out, 4th of July fireworks, going to the farmers market, and planting colorful summer plants!  We have lots of fun planting pretty bright colored flowers in all of our flower pots.  I can spend all day at Home Depot and Lowes and a few specialty plant nurserys just picking out plants!  Another thing that gets me excited is when they start putting all the summer items out at Hobby Lobby.  Really I should tell the truth on that too.....I like when they put out anything new at Hobby Lobby.....that is why I must visit weekly a couple of times a week!  I love going for cool treats like ice cream and Sonic drinks on a hot day!  My favorite season of the year is Fall but there are so many things that you can only enjoy during the days of Summer!  What are your favorite things about Summer? What will you miss?  I have started working on my Fall decorations around the house and I will share some of those with you later in the week.  Good Bye Summer!  Until next year!

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