Monday, September 14, 2009

At A Stand Still

I am at a stand still on my blogging that I promised to do! Not because I am being lazy but because our computer is almost full and I can't download the almost 1000 pictures off of my camera! Argh! Cas and I are going to the good 'ol Best Buy to see if we can find a remedy (hopefully cheap) for this! I have recipes to share and most importantly I would like to share our pictures from our Mexico cruise and my birthday in New Orleans!

On another note Fall t.v. is starting up! Jay Leno comes back tonight and I am sooo glad because I do not really like Conan and never have.
Cas and I are also really really excited because the Biggest Loser starts back tomorrow night! We started watching that together after we moved in this house together and that is one of the shows that we both love and enjoy watching together! We have also started watching the Shark Tank that will come on the same night. It is where people have a unknown product and they try to convince investors to give them money for a certain percentage in their company. Pretty interesting! Happy Monday!

What t.v. shows are you most excited about?

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  1. WalMart has a 250 GB portable external hard drive for $60. Just plug it into your USB port and away you go! AND it comes in pink.

    I have one that I use just for pictures. It's fabulous.

    I can't wait to see your cruise photos!


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