Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

This past weekend we went to Rome (where we are getting married) to the Bridal show.  Yep that would be four of us that went.  My Dad and Mary and Cas and I.  The men could have gone elsewhere but they stayed with us.  They taste tested all the food that was out.  I was able to get some info but after a while I was kind of over it.  I am really really wishing we would take my Dad up on the offer of going away to the Bahamas or Jamaica. This is just too stressful.  People put their comments in about what you should do or things they don't/do like.  Well I will be happy to ablige that when they send a check!  There is just too much to get done and it is stressful.  I am trying to see what friends have left from their weddings that I may could use because a. I do not have to spend money on it but b. then I won't own it and I do not have to bring it back to this house to try to find somewhere to store it!  I already have one box full of things.  Let's not forget I have to figure out a way to get this all there!  One of my best friends Leslie and her Mom have offered to let me come and look through their stuff.  Leslie's last name is Smith (what mine will be) and so she may have some monogrammed things.  Her Mom gives lots of parties and has a lot of items from her daughter's weddings that she said I could come look at.  Her taste is great and she always has cute ideas too!  My friend Charity has some things too that she said I could borrow including vases.  I have not decided what I am going to do just yet as far as decor.  That maybe because I have not nailed down a color scheme either! 
My question to you this week is what do you think of when you hear September wedding?  Do you think of Summer or Fall?  When I first started thinking of wedding ideas in my head I thought our wedding would be in October so I had a lot of fall ideas in my head.  Then when I went to book the church they only had September available.  Are brown dresses still o.k. for September? I know people do this all of the time but what do you put with the guys black tuxes to make them look good with brown?
Not good pictures but as you can see there is a lot of wood and stone so I thought browns would look much better in here and plus my dress will be ivory not white.  What other colors would you use with brown?


  1. Girlfriend, everything goes with brown! Pinks, purples, coral, blues, reds, greens, etc! I think of colors when I think of September, things are still in bloom, Fall annuals are blooming, Summer annuals are still abloom. Base your decisions off of what works in your area in that time of year. That's the best way to go with everything, that way it'll be cheaper and fresh, and beautiful!

    And my husband and I had a rule. If you're not paying for it, shut up. Because we paid for a good portion of our wedding and told our parents Thanks, but no thanks while we were planning it. Srsly, put your foot down! It's your day and no one else's!

  2. The church is beautiful! I love it! And I think of a fall wedding, brown will be great! And listen to beg-she is right! Jason and I paid for our wedding and for under 10 grand, we had everything we wanted. :D

  3. Same goes here. I love the idea of brown and it goes with everything! You could go summer or fall - whichever YOU like best. We also did our wedding for under 10K, and thought it turned out beautifully.

  4. That church is beautiful and will look so great in pictures! I think of Fall when I think of September!
    I think it is gonna be beautiful all the way around!


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