Sunday, May 16, 2010


I wanted to quickly blog to remind you all to watch the Season Finale of Extreme Makeover~Home Edition tonight!  It is the Williams family from here in Pine Mountain, Ga!  They are such a deserving family and their problems unfortunately will not end with a new home as the husband has ALS and quickly takes lives and the son has Spina Bifida!  I was there for the reveal and it was awesome and you could see how grateful they truly were and that was not re-recorded for the was real!  Please remember to keep them in your prayers!
Also I wanted to let you all know that the companies that built the home, Nationwide and Palm Harbor, they all used their vacation time and paid for their own travel and hotel rooms and they all were so happy to have done it and all they cared about was getting this house done for this family, not that they were not being compensated for their time!  This was truly a blessing to have been a part of to see a community, family, and friends come together for a selfless act to help out some one in need!  Hope you all tune in!

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Prayer Request

We are asking for prayers for our Bloggy (and Cas's Words with Friends) Friends Laura and Erik!   Laura's Dad has been having some medical issues that you can read about here. Laura is pregnant so we hope is gets better real soon because he will have a new Grand Son soon to spoil!  Please say prayers for Laura's Dad and the rest of the family!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wishful Wednesday~Wedding Gowns

This week is about wedding gowns. Ahhhhh  When I saw this I had to join in. Well since I am getting married in Septemeber I need to find one soon!  I have tried on a lot and they range from average prices to higher end and plain to not so plain.  I do know I do not like the ones that tie in the back and I do not like the ones that are fitted in the hips, but I do know that I want strapless and something with some sort of the vintage looking lace on it.  After trying a bunch on I do know what I do not want!  I am running out of time and I am afraid I am just going to have to settle on something.  I really have found a lot that I really like but I do not feel that I will be able to wear it for 8 hours (the church does not have air conditioning in it) and be able to sit or dance in many of them! I really hope I find something soon!  I can not wait to read all of your posts for some inspiration!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Real Fast

I went in the house today and when I left after 9 tonight they were still working like crazy and had a fair amount to get done!  I saw Michael Malone in the house, one of the designers.  I met a guy that works for Disney that works for the show Handy Manny.  

I am tired so very very tired. I have to get in the bed so I can do it all again tomorrow.  I have VIP passes for the reveal tomorrow along with tons of other people.  This should be interesting.

Here is the latest on the money they are trying to raise........Day Six. They are still a long way away from what they need.  Even $1 adds up if you feel like donating $1!
Thank You LG for donating after I blogged about it!!!!!!

It has been an awesome experience this week.  I am so tired and I know as I am getting ready to head off to bed there are people working around the clock tonight, many have not slept but a few hours here and there.  Every person that I have talked to that works for NationWide/Palm Harbor will tell you they have had no sleep and it has been exhausting but they would not trade it for anything.  That says a lot about what an undertaking these builds are.  

Hopefully I will have more to share and some pics after I get to sleep.

Good Night!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


As you all know I have been out volunteering the past couple days at the site of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition and I am headed back early in the morning.  I was able to go up and view the house today (don't have pictures of that because you are not allowed to take pictures).  The family is being blessed with a beautiful new home that will meet their needs.  The one need that has not been met yet is that they need a wheelchair accessible vehicle that can have a wheelchair lift installed for their son Jacob who has Spina Bifida.  The wheelchair lift has been donated already so Palm Harbor and Nationwide Homes are trying to make this a reality.  I was in the tent this evening when Dan came down, he is one of the higher ups on the project....I have been told his exact title with the company but for fear that I will give him the wrong title I am just letting you know he is of great importance to this project!  Anyways he shared with us that they have set up a fund for this and are trying to raise the money by Saturday which is reveal day.  So many people have brought it items and given of their time but they do feel this vehicle is a big thing that would drastically help them.  The family does not have a vehicle to support their needs for their son.  They are also trying to pay off their mortgage!  When Dan was speaking about this I told him I would go home and get to the blog, facebook, and email with this.  I know so many of you contribute to so many things but as he pointed out if you tell 10 friends and they each donate even $1-5 and then they tell 10 friends then the money will start to add up quickly to help this family out with one of their greatest needs.  If any of you are able to just do a few dollars that would be awesome.  If you are able to donate leave me a comment and there will be a surprise in it for you!  
Go to this site here and there is a paypal link to the right.  Dan is in that video above the paypal link.  He is the guy on the right.  

Here are a few pictures to share with you!

Dan with Nationwide Homes
This lady was donating this laptop to the family!
The two ladies are from Nationwide Homes and the guy on the right is with Extreme!  He is the man that brings down the blue shirts.  I am sure that is a job of many he does!
The Columbus Cottonmouths

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Extreme Update

I have not been home long and will be going back to Pine Mountain at 8 am in the morning folks so I am making this a short one.  Long story short I ended up heading to the house after driving halfway through half of the Georgian counties because they did not need help at the high school because they were laying floor so other people really could not get in to do any work right then.  So when I got there they asked if I would like to help them in the tent?  SURE!  It is the main tent.  No one enters without going through the tent to receive their t-shirt, hard hats, badges and fill out release paper work.  So I get to go back tomorrow and Friday to work up their with some fun ladies and the ladies from Nationwide and Palm Harbor.  Not sure about the weekend though.  We have a party to go to Saturday night although I would like to go to the "Move the Bus" Saturday.  The Columbus Cottonmouths came through tonight to come help.  It is really awesome to see all the people that have come out to support them and donate of their time and skills.  One lady came in today and dropped off a bunch of toys for the kids.  Her kids and nieces and nephews all pooled their money together to buy them for the daughter and son that will move into the house!  How great!  Good Night!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Extreme News

I get to go help on the Extreme Home Makeover this week!!!!!  Yep I do!  I saw where they were coming to our area and needed volunteers.  I volunteered Cas (him the days he is off) and I both a couple of weeks ago starting today through next Sunday but they had so many volunteers in the end that I received and email to come Wednesday.  They did not email me back about Cas though.   I guess they had all they needed after the media coverage over it.  We have been looking for ways to give back and when I heard about this I immediately got online and signed up!  I will not be at the house site I will be at the "other" site.  You know how many times they have another project going on.  The Dad works at the local hogh school and is a coach and the athletic director so I am thinking that they are doing something at his school.   I recieved the email about the family today and I will share it later this week.  The design team and Ty always travel to the "other" site as well so maybe I will get to see them or the celebrity that is working with them.  If not that is o.k. too because it is all part of giving back and "paying it forward"!  The rules say that you can not take pictures inside the house but I don't know if you can take "general" pictures or not?  I can not wait until Wednesday.....what Extreme fun!

Friday, February 19, 2010

We Are Around

We have been so busy and it has seemed non stop since Thanksgiving.  I have not forgotten about blogging!  I have a lot of things to post when I get a chance this weekend!  Happy Friday to you all!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Marriage Mondays


#964 (Dealing with a Man) ~ You need to know if you come to him with a problem, he will tell you how to solve it, then get back to watching t.v.  He will think his work is done.
I can't even get him to stop watching the t.v. while I am spilling my problem!
#199 (Marriage and Happiness) ~ You need to know men who marry are less likely to be arrested.  They're busy doing chores.  And that makes wives happy.
If he got arrested he would be there a while!  I don't do cops or jails!

#800 (Dealing with a Woman) ~ You need to know she secretly believes that if you use her razor on your face, you will give her a staph infection.  Somehow though, your razor is perfectly safe for her legs.  
Amen.....he has the good razor and I have the cheap disposable so I use his often!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

Not much to report this week.  I have just been online looking at ideas.  I do have two main colors and some ideas in the works and I will post those later for ya'll.  We are going to Birmingham again this weekend so I can go look for a dress.  I have found two that I really like but I want to try on more to find "the one"!  I have always loved the Melissa Sweet dresses (not just because of the name) but I know that I am not getting one! Ladies who was the designer of your wedding dress and your bridesmaid dresses?  Also what stores did you find your dresses at? A small shop or a chain store?  Did you have a certain style in your head and then when you tried it on decided it was not "your style"?  Where did you have the best luck?  Tell me your stories, Bride to Bride!
Here are some rather interesting selections! LOL

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tips Tuesdays~Grocery Shopping

Leslie over at Lamberts Lately is doing a new blog hop about tips and this week it is about grocery shopping.
I have blogged about this many time and it can be really fun to grocery shop once you realize how to get the most for your money and  it is super fun when you are walking out with numerous bags and you hardly paid anything for them.  It is kind of like legally stealing!  Last night I saved over $90 at Publix.  I had not done to much shopping lately since we have been gone so much since Thanksgiving so therefor I had not blogged about any fabulous deals.

* I learned in a coupon class that you should buy a paper for ever person in your house, so I buy two each week.  Even if you live alone I think you should get a minimum of two papers or print out two coupons because when they have a BOGO sale and the coupon is for a % of of one item then you can use both coupons off of the cost of one item since the second one is already FREE!  That is when you start saving a lot!
* You should make your menu off of what is on sale and not make your menu and then grocery shop because it is really hard to save money that way.
*If you go once a week (I Puffy Heart Publix so that is where I try to do most of my shopping) and use your coupons and get the non perishable items that you use anyways then in no time you will have a good amount of food to choose from.  Then you are not always running out to buy an item here and there.
* I have many saving cites listed on the right side of my blog and I refer to them often especially when they are notifying me of FREE or close to free things.  I do like
* I also have a very organized coupon book that is split up by categories.  I have found that it is better to make your own list of categories depending on your needs and the easiest way for you to file things and find them!
*I try to get on the website of which ever grocery store I am going to and make a list of the things I need that are on sale and then I try to pull my coupons before I go to the store so that way I know if I have coupons for the item.  The best way to save money is to get items on sale and BOGO and then use coupons on top of them!
* I buy a lot of our meat at Sam's (much to the dismay of my Father because he likes better quality meat...ha) because it is much cheaper and I can break it up and freeze what I am not getting ready to use.  I also buy the large items there as well such as rice.  Milk and eggs are super cheap there too!  My tip for the best thing to buy at Sam's is the hoagie rolls that they bake fresh there.  It is a little more than three dollars for 6 loafs and we use them for sandwiches and also use them as french bread with meals.  They are so much cheaper than buying regular french bread and you can freeze it as well.
* I also am better at shopping alone so that I do not get sidetracked.

Happy Valentines to Me

Well it will be when I hopefully WIN I will I will this fabulous giveaway!  You see I have a great love obsession with those two candles Miss Laura has posted and they NEED to come to my house so they will have some companions that I use sparingly because I can't bare to use them all up.  If any of my friends win the giveaway then I will come sit at your house to enjoy the great smell of them burning and if they dissapear well then I will have no idea what happened....honest.  So go over and try to win the prize for you ME, today is the last day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Marriage Mondays

I am continuing with this again this week. 

#267 (Marriage Problems) ~ You need to know if you are still mad about something that happened five years ago, it's a sign you're off your meds.
Ha.....I do not forget anything~I can't help it that is just my memory.  I did not say that I don't forgive or I would be mad I just do not forget much!

#666 (Marriage and Counseling...the number 666 makes this sound doomed anyways) ~ You need to know if your marriage counselor is divorced.
Sounds kind of like calling a computer repairman that does not own a computer!

#687 (Marriage and Fidelity) ~ You need to know that having one affair will tend to lead to another.
Maybe Tiger should pick up a copy of this book.......just sayin.

What are your marriage tips?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl

We are settling in to watch the Super Bowl. I have made Spaghetti with turkey....the 1st time ever and I am about to make some banana pudding as well!  I am not a huge sports fan  except I like hockey because people get smashed up against the plexi-glass and if I am going to watch them I prefer to be there!  I do like the Super Bowl though for the commercials and musical performances!  Let me tell you how we have picked teams around here....Cas is pulling for the Colts because he likes Peyton Manning.  I am pulling for the Saints because they have beignets, king cakes, Mardi Gras and fluer de lis!  I know I know but a girl picks by food and symbols and events.  You will see my thing for fluer de lis come up soon in another post.  Too bad I did not buy some beignet mix to make. I do love Hank and Kendra and Reggie and Kim so I am hoping to see  them on tv tonight as well. You can also see that relaity t.v. plays consumes a part in my life! We have actually been to New Orleans and Indianapolis together and gone past both of the stadiums.  This should provide for an entertaining evening! Any of you have anything special going on? Go Saints!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

This past weekend we went to Rome (where we are getting married) to the Bridal show.  Yep that would be four of us that went.  My Dad and Mary and Cas and I.  The men could have gone elsewhere but they stayed with us.  They taste tested all the food that was out.  I was able to get some info but after a while I was kind of over it.  I am really really wishing we would take my Dad up on the offer of going away to the Bahamas or Jamaica. This is just too stressful.  People put their comments in about what you should do or things they don't/do like.  Well I will be happy to ablige that when they send a check!  There is just too much to get done and it is stressful.  I am trying to see what friends have left from their weddings that I may could use because a. I do not have to spend money on it but b. then I won't own it and I do not have to bring it back to this house to try to find somewhere to store it!  I already have one box full of things.  Let's not forget I have to figure out a way to get this all there!  One of my best friends Leslie and her Mom have offered to let me come and look through their stuff.  Leslie's last name is Smith (what mine will be) and so she may have some monogrammed things.  Her Mom gives lots of parties and has a lot of items from her daughter's weddings that she said I could come look at.  Her taste is great and she always has cute ideas too!  My friend Charity has some things too that she said I could borrow including vases.  I have not decided what I am going to do just yet as far as decor.  That maybe because I have not nailed down a color scheme either! 
My question to you this week is what do you think of when you hear September wedding?  Do you think of Summer or Fall?  When I first started thinking of wedding ideas in my head I thought our wedding would be in October so I had a lot of fall ideas in my head.  Then when I went to book the church they only had September available.  Are brown dresses still o.k. for September? I know people do this all of the time but what do you put with the guys black tuxes to make them look good with brown?
Not good pictures but as you can see there is a lot of wood and stone so I thought browns would look much better in here and plus my dress will be ivory not white.  What other colors would you use with brown?

Who Says Ice Cream Is Not For Dogs

While perusing the freezer section at Publix the other night I came across these little doggie ice creams.  
Maggie gets some ice cream on occasion and whenever we take her to Bruster's they give her the doggie sundae that consists of vanilla ice cream and a dog bone.  She eats all of the ice cream and leaves the dog bone!  I was excited to find these since she loves ice cream and these are made for their tummies.
She gives it four paws!

Mmmm Mardi Gras

One of the best things about Mardi Gras.....King Cakes!
Yes I realize the baby is sitting on top!
It was deliscious!
We have been a couple of years to Mardi Gras in Mobile...I can not find the pictures on my computer though.....and we love it!  It is so fun to see what you get at the parades.  We have seen Halloween and Christmas candy thrown out before.  The Joe Cain parade is fun because the black beads are the coveted prizes.  Renea and I have even been thrown Mardi Gras panties before!  When I say panties I mean the cheap kind that are printed and would fit your baby doll!  What fun!   We really really wish we were going this year but with a wedding coming up we are not going to go and pay for a hotel room at Mardi Gras prices........Happy Mardi Gras!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Marriage Monday

I recieved the book above in my Christmas stocking from Cas this year.  It is filled with tips in facts in twenty-three differant topics that deal with all aspects of marriage.  So I thought each Monday I will share a few with you.  Some serious, some sarcastic, and some funny but true.  

#59 (Marriage Plans) ~ You need to know to make major decisions together.  Don't buy a car or lease an apartment as a surprise.  It will be.

We have already had a discussion about this because I do not really like surprises and I really don't like them when it is something that you are stuck with and can not take back!  Hence why we have been picking out my ring together.  The only way I would want to ever be surprised with a car is if we had just been there and I said FOR SURE that was the one! 

#956 (Dealing with a Man) ~ You need to know he views the bathroom the way you view a library.  It's a place to get serious reading done.

Really why?  Just get in and get out, there are so many other things that could be accomplished in that time! 

#786 (Dealing with a Woman) ~ You need to know you can't make her happy all the time, you can't please her all of the tme, and you can't understand her all of the time.  You can, however, love her all the time.

Women or men......not going to be anything 100% of the time.....sigh, just love them!

Do you have any marriage tips you want to share?  
Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Friday~Nothing much

Saturday~We cleaned and I did some laundry, then we went to Academy Sports to get some autographs from two Braves players and a coach. It rained so we could not get anything outside done. Had late lunch/early dinner at Momma Goldberg's~there is nothing better than a Momma's Love sandwich!  Ran a few errands to pick up a few things which included make-up that I needed.  Laura I am going on your recommendation of the Revlon.  Came home to watch the 'Sunshine Cleaning" (o.k. but a little odd) and "P.S. I Love You" (cute) on On-Demand.  Had dessert of popcorn and sugar free Jello. Got in bed and watched the Miss America pageant.  I thought the girl that won looked a little like Beyonce.

Sunday~Slept later than we should.  Drove to Rome, Ga for the Bridal Show.  We ate a yummy brunch at one of new favorite restaurants in Rome.  Went by the church we are getting married in to show Mary my Dad's wife and look at what all we are going to need for decor.  Drove through the school campus where the church is.  Drove back home.  Cooked dinner.  Watched Grammy's.  I love Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles FYI.  Now laying in bed blogging trying to watch the Duggars's special on TLC.....that baby is soooo tiny, the two young girls Jennifer and Johannah are a handa full, although hard to hear since someone laying next to me is snoring extremely loud and Maggie is dreaming under my arm and shaking it.  2 of the cats are in bed with us.  Ahhh we need a King Bed......Hoping to drift off to sleep! Night

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

OK I am going to start doing a Wedding Wednesday post each week.  I am going to make a picture for it but I do not have it done yet.  So I will either come to you each week with an update of what I have accomplished that week with our wedding plans, show you pictures, or even ask for your advice or suggestions!  I have so much to do in so little time!

Here is a basic checklist of what needs to be done 6-12 months before the wedding.  Many checklists are way more extensive so I picked a simple one:
6-12 Months

  • Choose the kind of wedding you will have, date and time. Sort of done....
  • Discuss the budget, and who will pay for what. That has been done. 
  • Consider hiring a wedding coordinator. Looking into one since we don't live there.  Any of you use one?
  • Make arrangements with the officiator. We are looking for a church now.
  • Reserve the wedding and reception locations. Church is booked and reception is booked!
  • Select your wedding dress, veil and accessories. I have tried on dresses and liked two a whole lot! I do know what type of veils though!  Yes I said veil'S! I fell in love of the look of a shorter one over a long one!
  • Choose the bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, and honored roles. Chosen but I have got to make my cards and ask them!  I know I am behind but we have been gone.  Any of you do anything cute or special to ask your attendants?
  • Have a formal black/white photo sitting for announcements. We are going to have this done at some point so I can use them for my save-the-dates.
  • Send announcements of your engagement to your fiancĂ©'s and your local and hometown newspapers. I don't think people do this much anymore....any of you do this?  We off course sent out our Christmas cards as our announcement.  Yes I checked ahead of time to see if this was appropriate.  I recieved the answer of yes!  I would also like to thank those close friends and family that called by telephone to say Congratulations.  Even my Dad and Mary called to say Congratulations when they recieved the card even though they knew already.  Everyone has gone to their Facebook and text messaging these days!  Impersonal for some situations.
  • Meet with the florist, photographer, caterer, videographer, and D.J. or entertainment to discuss budgets and options. I do not have any of the following yet!
  • Discuss the guest list with fiancĂ© and families. Cas and I have made a preliminary list.  I am waiting on family list's.
  • Plan reception music.Working on that.  I have what I want in my head.
  • Contact a rental coordinator for equipment reservations. We rented the country club so it comes with everything we need.  Many places we looked at were high but then you still had to rent tables, chairs, linens, etc.
  •   Discuss honeymoon and reservations. We have not decided where we want to go yet.  Any suggestions?  I do not really want to go on a cruise for our honeymoon.  While Yes I do love cruising I just don't want to honeymoon with 2000 plus other people and children!
  • Arrange for time off work, if necessary. Don't know how long we will be gone yet.
  • Buy a wedding planner and envelopes to store brochures and notes. I received a wedding planner for Christmas and I have been collecting many brochures.
  • Develop record-keeping system for invitations, gifts, and thank-you notes. I will for sure do this! Thank you's are so very important.  Especially Thank You cards.  I have been to many showers and given some where I did not receive a Thank You card.  I am already looking for some Thank You cards.  If you are from the South you should know this is etiquette!
Like I said this is basic.  Atleast we have the main two things.....the church and the reception!
Anything any of you found helpful when you were getting married?  Please leave me a comment!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sickly Weekend

I have not been very productive today as I have been sickly this week and I have just kept going but last night it really hit me and I have been on the couch most of the day watching WE TV!  Watching wedding shows mind you!  While my Dad was here this week him and I rode to the town that Cas and I are getting married in (which is where my Mom and Dad were from) and looked as possible reception sites.  I do have to say that some of the places people list on their websites and suggest as places to pay a lot of money for and call it your reception are totally not worth it!  Kind of scary actually.  Anyways I really liked two places and I wanted Cas to give his approval first.  Of course he said "go with whatever you like!"  I still wanted him to see the places and give his approval and like it so we rode to Rome, Ga yesterday to look at it and look at two possible places to have our rehearsal dinner at, one of which would be at the same place that we are going to have the reception at.  I know that we want a place that is just for us and that we don't want to be sitting in a restaurant with half the town and then the party gets split in half.  I really want to rent out a place for all of our guests and not just the wedding party because everyone will be from out of town and it is the right thing to do but I have other wedding issues to cross off of my list first.  But Cas and I will pick out the place we want.  So last night I started feeling really yucky and between being sick this week and being gone a good bit I have yet to go to the grocery store yet since we have been back from Virginia!  So meals have been interesting.  Hopefully I will be able to go tomorrow.  I have not planned out our menu yet anyways. I went into our room earlier and asked Cas what he was doing and he had cleaned the bathtub and was getting ready to make me a bath but he could not find any bubbles or bath stuff.  He said thought it might help me feel better or maybe it was his way of saying you need a bath!  I have caught up on some of my DVR'd programs so we are headed off to bed to lay around and watch some more tv!  Anyone else have a more exciting weekend?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Five Question Friday

1. What is better: Growing old without any money or dying young and being rich?
Well as I have read a lot of the comments and I agree with the answer off.......can we dye old and rich?
I guess I would have to go with old and poor maybe between now and then I will be rich in between.
I have a fear of dying and I fear dying and leaving my children because it happened to my mother!

2. Who takes the garbage out at your house?
Um the man!  Isn't that a mans chore?  No really I put it in the trash can inside but when it is full the hubs to be takes it out to the outside trash can and this horrid place that we live does not have trash pick up so you have to drive it off to the trash dumpster so he does that too, obviously because he has a truck and that smelly stuff thanks to cat litter is not going in my car.  Him and Maggie and usually me take it off once or twice a week!  She likes to ride so that is her special treat!

3. Have you ever had the same dream numerous times?
Yes, I can not pin point any of the specific dreams at this minute

4. Can you play a musical instrument?
If I tried to you probably would leave the room!  So um no!  I took violin lessons when I was young!

5. If you owned a store what would you sell?
Well I have lots of ideas!
Our town needs a good bakery, but more than likely it would be the cute kind of store that carried Vera Bradley and tons of cute things for your house, jewelry and purses and lots of monogrammed things.  Kind of like Heartstrings here in Auburn which is no longer Heartstrings.  But something like that where I could bring home one of everything for me!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Thoughts From the Road

* We are in VA after spending the night half way in NC last night.
* Maggie had surgery this morning and I am soo sad that we are away from her but all went well and I left her lots of treats so they could spoil her!
* There is still lots of snow on the ground around here and in all the fields (which there are a lot)
* We are in Charlottesville VA~a cute little college town.
* We are thinking about going to Monticello in the morning
* South Carolina smells~I have noticed this before when in South Carolina!  They should look into some mass air freshining!
* I have been in 5 states in two days.
* I stopped at a TJMaxx in Gastonia, NC today!  I left with nothing :(
* Virginia is known as the "State for Lovers"! Interesting!
* We had a great dinner and drinks at a brewery down the street tonight with my parents and one of      my brothers best friends.  Great conversation and great food and drinks!
* One of the conversations was that "the wedding is about the BRIDE and GROOM~exactly I can't agree more but I will get on this soap box later!
* The friend that ate with us uses the company Cas works for for his teleconferencing !
* I can't wait for the party tomorrow night!  Their are fraternity brothers lined up to tell stories and it is an open bar!  This should greatly amuse me!
* I learned something cool tonight~one of their fraternity brothers* We are in VA after spending the night half way in NC last night.
* There is still lots of snow on the ground around here and in all the fields (which there are a lot)
* We are in Charlottesville VA~cute little college town
* I learned something new tonight.  A fraternity brother of Tom's drowned while they were all together at a lake and my step brother was the last one to stop diving to look for him after everyone had worn out and he also wrote a check to build a memorial for him in front of their fraternity house at Alabama!
* My heart is braking for the people in Haiti!  I wish I could go help!
* I had to stomach Al Sharpton and Rush Limbaugh on the news this morning~bleh, Rush said we are only helping out because Obama is black and so are the Haitians!  Wow what stupidity.  I have watched news in NC and VA today and boths states were missing people from their states that had happened to be there for school/work/charity.  So for his info half the people that we are helping are Americans moron!  And even if they were not it is the right thing to do as humans!  Let me jump off of my soap box of closed minded people.
UPDATE~The news said that 45,000 Amercians were in the country of Haiti!
* I am excited about going to Richmond after this to see my cousin!
* I will change my background when I get back :)
* Oh and I did get my video done!  I did ALL the work and Cas burned it to a DVD! :)
* I am getting ready to crawl in this comfy bed at the hotel and watch "The Real Housewives of the OC" on our flat screen tv! Nighty~Night!

P.S. Also LG gave me an award of sorts last week so I will post that and share my answers to my quetsions that go with it when I get back!  Thanks Laura

Friday, January 8, 2010

What Would You Wear~Help!

OK so as I have mentioned one of the brothers is getting married next week in Virginia......please picture the freezing temperatures.  Well I have not found a dress yet.  It is an evening wedding and the Bride has listed on their Knot page that the dress is semi-formal.  So would you wear sleeveless?  My arms are fat and pasty if that paints a pretty picture!  Well last time I went by the rules of what you should wear to an evening wedding there were people there a lot more casual than me.  I was just going to find something black and not worry too much but then it dawned on me that at some point I will have to be in a picture and my Dad's wife also has mentioned using family pictures from the weddings of the year on the 2010 Christmas card. I am asking all of you ladies what would you wear to a evening wedding in cold weather?  PLEASE send me your comments! 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Snow Day

* I did see a few flurries and little ice pellets while I was waiting in line at the bank today to make the house payment. 
* I did buy milk and bread today because we did need them, not because I am fearful of spending a week snowed in!
* I did purchase some items to make "Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards" cause I need to get on that and after getting all of the stuff to make them, thinking I would save money, I know realize had I bought the ones off of Etsy I would HAVE saved money!  Frankly I am too tired and freezing to start on that project....another day.
* I did score a super cute Lilly Pulitzer notebook, this exact one in fact for a few mere dollars.  I also scored the mousepad with tear off paper that has the Bees Knees pattern on it too!  I found these at TJMaxx!  That somewhat made up for the screaming child that's Mother kept trying to bargain with him.  Lady he screamed a loooooooong time.  Why would he stop if you are just going to continue to bargain with him and overlook it while you are perusing cheap name brand clothing!  He screamed so much that there was a group of ladies who did not know one another that were tallking about her parenting. 
* I picked up a few things at Target on the way home which included a pizza for dinner!  For heavens sake it is yucky weather outside~I am not cooking really we are leaving for the weekend and did not want leftovers!  Cas pulled the pizza out of the freezer to put it in the oven and started griping because it was DiGiorno.......he got sick one time after he ate DiGiorno and so he thinks he will always get sick.  He expects me to remember that, I didn't and just picked up what they had at Target.  I provided food.  There is one thing made around here and you can eat it or starve.  He ate it and to my knoweledge has not made a mad dash to the porcelain thrown!
* Friends that live in our area keep posting on Facebook that it is snowing at their house.  So inbetween Cas watching the game he keeps walking out the door to see if it is snowing.  It is not.  It is just sleeting and it is letting my heat out of the door!  I am freezing and currently have the heat set on 73!  Wow what the electricity bill will be! 
* I am having to DVR Real Housewives of Orange County because of this football mess on tv.  Yes I realize it is trashy reality t.v.  I must have so many hours a week! :)  It is like credits you have to take a semester!
* I am not saying Roll Tide even though they are in the SEC.  I live on the outskirts of Auburn.  That is a sin.
*Off course the media today has shown some of Alabama's (the state) finest people making the state look stellar!  As usual.........
* I would love some snow but do not think we will have any....sigh.  I am just ready to go curl up under the covers with some hot chocolate.  I sure do wish we had bought an electric blanket that I have been wanting.  I am registering for sure!

While I sit around and wait on the great snow storm of 2010 here are some pictures from the snow we had this March!
Happy Snow Day

She had her heavy coat on but it kept coming off as she was drudging through the snow

I love this picture!  She had a good time playing like a reindeer!

pretty I know.....

The Wrapping Paper He Will Never Forget

We all know Men are not into gift wrapping, cute bags with tissue and especially not bows!  In the past the step-brothers have wrapped their gifts with whatever Mary (their mother) has left over.  Well now that one brother is getting married and he has a woman to point out such holiday things you should do so he was sent out to buy their own wrapping paper and get their presents wrapped before he arrived to the house!(she was at her parents since she had to finish up some wedding details)

Said brother is on the right....

So while perusing the tree my Dad points out that Christie has him wrapping gifts and to go check it out.....mmmm ok sure.

One of them is right begind that snowman gift bag.

Notice? Stellar Wrapping Job :)

I will tell you that this paper provided some laughs to other brother in the left of the picture above!  He said he just walked into Wal-Mart and grabbed a roll!  I am pretty sure their is still half a roll left for next year!

(This is in no way, shape, or form to offend anyone)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rub-A-Dub and Snug as A Bug

Maggie has been trying out some of her gifts Santa brought her

Going from smelly to squeeky clean

You must have a robe when you get out of the bath tub

She always wallows when she gets out of the tub!  I guess she does not prefer cleanliness!

Maggie and Momma's Ducks

Off to warm up and nuggle with Mom and Dad

Christmas Is For Those With Four Legs Too

We treat our pets like our babies so they also get Christmas presents and have stockings! No one role your eyes!

Excited to see what Santa brings!

Twas the night before night before Christmas Eve and Maggie was all snug in her jammies and 4 cats piled on Cas's side of the bed
While visions of pigs ears and cat nip danced in their heads

All the stocking were laid out with care

Cause Santa had been there

On Tillie

On Snittens trying to dig his catnip out

On Snoogans

On Possum

(notice her wrapping paper and bags~they were from the $ section at Tarjay and they had Weenie Dogs on them!!!)

And Maggie!

They ran through the house excited about it all!
Now dash away dash away all!

They sprang through the house with their news toys and treets until the were lost from their sight
They wished everyone a Merry Christmas~now if they would only let us sleep at night!

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