Monday, February 1, 2010

Marriage Monday

I recieved the book above in my Christmas stocking from Cas this year.  It is filled with tips in facts in twenty-three differant topics that deal with all aspects of marriage.  So I thought each Monday I will share a few with you.  Some serious, some sarcastic, and some funny but true.  

#59 (Marriage Plans) ~ You need to know to make major decisions together.  Don't buy a car or lease an apartment as a surprise.  It will be.

We have already had a discussion about this because I do not really like surprises and I really don't like them when it is something that you are stuck with and can not take back!  Hence why we have been picking out my ring together.  The only way I would want to ever be surprised with a car is if we had just been there and I said FOR SURE that was the one! 

#956 (Dealing with a Man) ~ You need to know he views the bathroom the way you view a library.  It's a place to get serious reading done.

Really why?  Just get in and get out, there are so many other things that could be accomplished in that time! 

#786 (Dealing with a Woman) ~ You need to know you can't make her happy all the time, you can't please her all of the tme, and you can't understand her all of the time.  You can, however, love her all the time.

Women or men......not going to be anything 100% of the time.....sigh, just love them!

Do you have any marriage tips you want to share?  
Happy Monday!

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