Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day McAlisters, Manicures and Meeting Place

We didn't have any real big plans for Memorial Day. Cas and Jason decided that they were going to go play golf so Renea and I decided we would go get manicures and pedicures! In just a couple of months Renea and I won't be getting out to do much! :( She will have a new baby. On our way out we stopped and ate at McAlister's. One of our favorite restaurants but we don't eat there much since we moved. Cas and Jason were done playing golf so they came and met us. After our pampering we all met up at their house and they guys hung out while Renea and hung up some more baby clothes. We made a quick sop by Belk's on our way to the grocery store. We had to pick up a few sale items at Winn-Dixie on our way home. I asked Cas if he wanted to go to the one we normally go to (the one closest to the house) or the other other one (the one closet to were we were at the time). He said that we would go to the second one because that is were we 1st met (since I didn't know how to get to their house) the night of our 1st date! He was off course being very sarcastic in the matter! Ha! That 1st night did leave to many years of memories, many just of the night we met! Happy Memorial Day!

Yesterday was Renea's baby shower. Here are a couple of pictures.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

I was tired from us being in Atlanta and coming home late. I didn't have a great morning and then I looked down to notice I was wearing two totally different flip-flops! One black and one brown. I wore one pair out of the house knowing that the pair I wanted to wear was in the car. So when I pulled up to work I threw the pair I wanted to wear in the floor and switched I thought! I was probably at work 45 minutes?? maybe and I looked down and noticed! OMG I was so embarrassed but I don't think anyone at work noticed. They are all men anyways! I quickly slipped out to the car to fix my issue! My day didn't get much better. I think it was a sign that I should have just stayed home!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Shopping

We did a little shopping today in Atlanta. We went to Old Time Pottery and IKEA. I picked up two sets of Apothecary Jars, new curtains for the den, and a few pillows for the den as well. I could stay in there all day but someone was hungry and wanted to leave....not's like shopping with a child. Both of the stores were a ways from each other so we drove on into what I call "the IKEA village." They have their own community there and we ate at one of the restaurants called Copelands Cheescake Factory! Delicious! We had the best sandwiches but the cheesecake was to die for! Cas had the Black and White which was a mixture of all things chocolate and I had the Dulce De Leche Praline!!!! Chocolate cheesecake with Dulce De Leche sauce and crumbles of pralines with a huge praline stuck in the top! Yummo! We headed over to IKEA to work all that cheesecake off. We purchased some storage solutions that we were looking for and I stocked up on napkins. Yes I buy my napkins at IKEA...when I can...they have the mustard yellow ones that match my kitchen. Made it home kind of late but it time to put out some of our goodies. A good day of shopping.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Last night I went to a class at Home Depot with Renea and Briana to learn how to "Do-It-Ourselves" when it comes to the yard, gardens, flowers, etc. It was just for women! I do pick out a lot for our yard and I plant several of the flowers that are in our flower pots. I am also working on a garden as well so some of this information was of great help! It was nice to get out with the girls and if nothing else go to Home Depot! I could just buy one of everything in the plant section. I did come home with a plant to replace one that bit the dust!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back in the U.S.

Yes......we are home....siiigh! We had a great time but it doesn't seem like it was long enough. Cas turned 30 in Freeport, Bahamas so he will always be able to say that! I turn 30 in August (wink, wink). We enjoyed a much needed getaway and time together. We met two awesome couples, one of the couples was from Alabama, they were who we were seated with at dinner. We saw some great shows, ate waaaaaaaay too much food and got some sun (I got alot)! I was disappointed this morning not to have a breakfast buffet to go to and lunch......hmmm I don't know what I will do without my panini and soft serve ice cream cone!!! While taking a shower this morning I truly realized that our water pressure sucks and I want the water pressure and shower head from our room on the boat! You can get shampoo out in like 30 seconds flat! When we got home last night our bed had not been folded down and there was no cute towel animal waiting on us......just four real animals that had knocked all of our belongings in the floor! I have so many pictures to share and I will do a blog on each day. I have to unpack and clean and then I will sit down and work on it. Just wanted to say "Hello" to you all!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's, Grandmother's and Aunt's out there today! I do wish I could send a card to my Mom in Heaven! I always think of my Mother and especially wish I could let her know how much I love her and Thank her for everything! Cas and I have started a little memory garden in our yard. He even found the sweetest angel holding a rabbit (she loved bunnies) and he bought it. Once we get some more done I will post pictures. Thank You to all of those of you who have made a difference. Hope you all have a great day!

I absolutely love this song! I tried to put the video on here but could not get it to work! It makes me think of my Mother!

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is Cas's 30th Birthday! Hence the trip we are on. He would have hated me if I had thrown a party to celebrate the "Big One!" I just wanted to let you all know and wish him a very happy day! Please leave him some comments!

I Love You Babe! Happy 30th (I am not looking forward to mine AT ALL)
Oh and the Gosselin Sextuplets share the same birthday as Cas!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

From Shore to Ship

Yes I have left you some things to read while I am away through the lovely function to pre-schedule your post's! Charity now you can't send me nasty emails when I don't update to with a quickness! As you are reading this from your homes or offices the Honey and I are boarding a boat....a biggen (that is Southern for Big One)! At this point I don't care where it takes me, if we get lost or if it even brings me home! Sniff.....Sniff Can you smell that? Ah it's salt water and that breeze feels so good! We are setting sail just shortly at 4:00. I have to go get some sun in before dinner!
So long
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

So long
Adeiu Adeiu
To yieu and yieu and yieu

So long
Au 'voire

So long
I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye


I'm glad to go I cannot tell a lie
I flit I float
I fleetly flee I fly

The sun has gone to bed and so must I
So long Farewell


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You Know You Are Prepared for a Natural Disaster

When you are working very hard.....I mean cleaning out your purse at work and you open it up to find:
  • Two different types of deodorant
  • Hairspray and Hair Gel
  • A variety of medicines
  • An assortment of manicuring items
  • Toothpaste
  • A spoon!
  • A water bottle and drink mix packets
  • And last but not least.....a pair of panties!
I just got a laugh out of this assortment!
What is the strangest thing you have in your purse? I would love to hear!

Afternoon Driving to Florida

I stayed up very, very late packing and then fell asleep in front of the window since it was soo hot. I have a few things left to through in when I get home from work and then we are off! I just love the sight of the beach and when you go south the air even smells different and you can hear what I call "beach birds" everywhere.

Almost everything ironed and packed neatly.....................CHECK

Shoe Bag (yes they get their own bag) packed......................CHECK

Essential Pool Side Bag packed with magazines and books..............CHECK

Canine child set to go to "overnight camp" at the "pet spa"..................CHECK

Feline children set up to lounge in luxury for a few days (hopefully with air!...............CHECK

One girlfriend and one boyfriend (who turns 30 while we are on board) ready to go!!!.......CHECK

We will be back on Monday provided we don't catch the swine flu, get hi-jacked by pirates, quarantined in the Bahamas (ah what a drag that would be..not), or one of goes overboard. I have see too many of these stories where they leave as a couple but don't return as a couple. I did prohibit Cas from booking a room with a balcony as the smile on his face was too big while I was telling him some stories! Ha! Hope we have lot's of pictures and stories to share!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hotter Than **** (HOTT)

I would just like to share really quick even though it is really late that it is really dang HOT in our house. I was running around like a mad woman this afternoon so I tried to turn the air on because it was "Oh So Hot." Yeah and it wouldn't come on. Funny you think? Ha NO! This is the second time that this has happened in a year.....on a brand new house mind you! I called Cas at work and he said "well I will look at it when I get home." So I guess I will sweat like a hog then Honey! Once he came home he looked at it and still couldn't get it to come on. I had to go run a few last minute errands and pick up our dry cleaning. Any thing was a good enough reason the get out of the sauna. I returned tonight at 11:30 to find all the windows open and the fans on! I still have lots of ironing (sweating) to do so.....I bid you farewell!

Oh I did find the cutest cocktail napkins at Wal-Mart tonight that have little Daschunds on them and they say "Cocktail Weenies" on them! Smile :) The little things.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mentally We Are Already Gone!

While Cas and I ate lunch (while very sleepy) we were discussing how we are just ready to get out of here. We have not been anywhere in a long time or anywhere by ourselves for that matter as far as on a trip. It has been a change for us as there was a time where we were gone all the time. One year we were on the road every weekend it seemed like! We love to go places and see new things. Although we do enjoy being at home working on the house and spending time with the "babies." We have so many places we want to go. There is so much history and great things to see in other towns, states and even countries! Can't wait until we can travel overseas! We are definitely not the type of people that will ever say "that we just never traveled and we are o.k. with that." So many neat things to see out there. And we are the two that will find the most random things to visit just so we can say "we've seen it/been to it." It is very important to us to make time for each other and go places. Cas said "he hated to tell his co-workers, but mentally he is already gone!"Give me some sun and a Bahama Mama!

Weekend Wedding, Sleepy Sunday and Maggie's Monday

Here are picture's from Shelly and Garrett's wedding. It was very lovely. We were able to spend time with some of our friends including my best friend Charity (the one responsible for Cas and I) and her family. We went back with everyone after the wedding to the Chalets they were staying at in Pine Mountain......including Shelly and Garrett! Yep they hung out with us. Girl I love you but I would have been saying "Good-Bye and Good-Night!" We have been up until after 2 every night this weekend including Sunday night (I had to work this morning)
I woke up early Sunday morning wishing I could sleep late and I took these pictures of the "Sleeping" before I went to lay back down and try to sleep a little longer.

We also grilled out last night. Cas has been wanting to get out and grill so luckily to storm passed through quickly. We bought the stand that holds beer, coke, etc. for the chicken. He grilled it with a can of beer and the chicken was super moist and juicy! He also put some steaks on and corn. We did French Onion potatoes inside and I also made Buckeye Bars. From what I hear we really should be fasting before this cruise!
I went home for lunch today to eat with Cas. He said he had just left the room and come back and this is what he found.

We had clean laundry on the couch to be folded and somehow she worked herself into my underwear! I know some things I should not share! He was able to get a picture of her.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Was Resurrected!

We went to City Fest last weekend and stopped at this great booth that had some cloches, birds, nests, bread bowls and even some bee items. It was all the vintage stuff that is very "in" right now when it comes to decorating. I happened to glance on a table and there was a flyer stating that it was a store called "RESURRECTED" in Opelika and it was opening May 2nd. We had actually passed by the store before it was open without knowing the name of it as it is the same strip mall as my favorite thrift store and our favorite antique super store. We had been eyeing some of the lovely planters and iron work that is outside in a fence that you can see when you drive by. We made it a point to go by there Saturday while we were out. I wish I had my camera with me so I could have taken some pictures. I only bought two little birds for $1.00 a piece to hang on my wreath in the front. Cas found some yard statuary that he likes. We will definitely be visiting frequently. For any of those of you in the Auburn/Opelika area or just passing through it is the old (way old) Wal-Mart building in Opelika right off off the Cracker Barrell exit next to Angels (another must visit place)! They are open every day of the week except Wednesday and Thursday.....even Sunday! Happy Shopping :)

And We are On the Backstretch!

We are on the backstretch of "waiting" to leave! We have just 5 days until we leave for Jacksonville and 6 days before we leave on the "Big Boat!" I think we have been out almost every day to pick up something we need. I just need to find time to start ironing and packing. Today was the Kentucky Derby (hence the blog title). I have always dreamed of going to the Derby and mark my words....."I will go!" (one day) It will be so much fun to wear my sun dress and big hat. Such a southern tradition. I don't know about the Mint Juleps though......sounds like they would taste bad. Last fall on our way to Chicago to help our friends Adam and Ashley move, we stopped and spent the night in Louisville making it a point to go to Church Hill Downs. We took the Barn and Backside Tour so we got to go back and see the stables and many horses. World Famous trainers have stables there. A lot of you would feel bad to know that these horses have better lives than most of us! Heck for the horses to travel most of the time they are flown on very EXPENSIVE plane rides to get somewhere most of us would have to drive to. If any of you watched the Derby you might have noticed that they kept commenting on the fact that "Mine That Bird" the winner was driven in a horse trailer for 19 hours from New Mexico! They were shocked by this. Hello isn't that what horse trailers are for. No one has ever thought twice about putting my tail in a car and made me ride for two days! In fact the winning owner of the horse made the comment also that now that the horse won they would stop talking about the fact that they drove from New Mexico! We have really gotten into horse racing. We watched the series "Jockeys" a few months ago. That is what we watched every Friday night. So we really wanted Mike Smith to win the derby. Joe Talamo was not able to ride as his horse was scratched the morning of the derby due to ankle problems. Garrett Gomez was also a rider we know about. I laid on the couch with a headache watching the derby. It was a HUGE upset! I believe the biggest upset since 1913!!!!! Now we have to watch the next two races for the Triple Crown (which very few horses have ever won). Another fact on him is that he ONLY cost $9,500, that is super cheap for a winning race horse of this kind. We have a wedding to go to tonight. Our friends Shelly and Garrett are the happy couple. Cas and I have known Shelly for a long time and her hubby to be is also a good friend/co-worker of Cas's. Best Wishes to both of them!

Friday, May 1, 2009

7 Days Until I Am Soakig Up The Rays!

Count Down: 7 Days until we are on the boat setting sail into the Atlantic

Bought the essential straw hat to wear poolside..........CHECK!

Bought a couple of dresses to wear to nice dinners............CHECK!

Raided a friends closet for some items (and came out with a few free things).........CHECK!

Picked up a new pair of much needed brown flip flops...........CHECK!

Convinced Cas to get some new items for himself including a bathing suit............CHECK!

Both gotten our hair cut ( to eradicate my gray hairs).........CHECK!


We are trying to get things done early. We shall see how things go. I was informed that there is not and iron on the boat now, there will not be an iron on the boat when I get there nor can I smuggle one on board! Apparently something about a fire hazard......blah, blah, blah. Any of you who know the BF and I know this will be "roughing it." I am having to iron everything and hang it in the guest bathroom and then I have to pack it and hope it does not wrinkle. Such a hassel!!!! I mean come on am I camping at the KOA or going on a LUXURY cruise here?

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