Friday, February 26, 2010

Real Fast

I went in the house today and when I left after 9 tonight they were still working like crazy and had a fair amount to get done!  I saw Michael Malone in the house, one of the designers.  I met a guy that works for Disney that works for the show Handy Manny.  

I am tired so very very tired. I have to get in the bed so I can do it all again tomorrow.  I have VIP passes for the reveal tomorrow along with tons of other people.  This should be interesting.

Here is the latest on the money they are trying to raise........Day Six. They are still a long way away from what they need.  Even $1 adds up if you feel like donating $1!
Thank You LG for donating after I blogged about it!!!!!!

It has been an awesome experience this week.  I am so tired and I know as I am getting ready to head off to bed there are people working around the clock tonight, many have not slept but a few hours here and there.  Every person that I have talked to that works for NationWide/Palm Harbor will tell you they have had no sleep and it has been exhausting but they would not trade it for anything.  That says a lot about what an undertaking these builds are.  

Hopefully I will have more to share and some pics after I get to sleep.

Good Night!


  1. I had no idea you were helping with this! Wow!!! What an experience! That is so cool.

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