Friday, March 27, 2009

And On This Farm They Had.....

A dog, 4 cats and Rooster?

This is the neighbor Rooster that comes to eat bird seed out of our yard.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pink Pancakes and Poodles

We are leaving tomorrow for the Cherry Blossom festival in Macon, Ga. We go every year. It started a week ago but we like this weekend because it is the arts and crafts weekend. We will off course be dining on pink pancakes Saturday morning. It is all you can eat PINK pancakes and sausage and coffee, milk and juice for $5 and the money goes to cancer so I make sure we go to that. Usually we stand in a long line wrapped around a huge tent waiting to get in. But something about pink pancakes makes them taste so much better and of course it is for a great cause. They are having a dog event and a sea lion show in the same park afterwards so I hope to see them before we head over to the arts and crafts downtown. I am hoping the rain will hold off. There is always a poodle there that they have died pink! I will try to find it and take its picture! Poor Dog! We will be taking Maggie with us but she won't be pink! Hope you all have a safe and happy weekend. I am looking forward to being back home and sleeping in my bed. Cas is off until next Friday so we plan on sleeping in and working in the yard.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ahh this is how I feel on the rainy Wednesday too!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Toile Tuesday

I have seen a bunch of the blogging ladies taking part in "Toile Tuesday". I do love some toile! Here is the fabric I picked up for our bathroom curtain that I picked up while at Old Time Pottery. Oh how I love that place! Let me count the ways!

Their is little rabbits in the toile!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Scary States

I was reading through some things on AOL this morning and I read this. The statistics speak for themselves without me having to go into how scary this is. If you want another eye opening read check online to see how many people live in your area that have been convicted of crimes against children (molesters and such). We will never have children that are old enough to play in the yard in this house.

Most Dangerous States

No. 12: Georgia

Georgia makes the most shocking move on this year's list -- rising a full 7 spots up the ranking. Be careful Georgia, or soon you'll be in the top ten!

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 21
Burglary: 12
Murder: 6
Motor Vehicle Theft: 8
Rape: 42
Robbery: 6

No. 13: Alabama

Seems in Alabama, they get serious fast. While only ranking 22nd for assault, they rank No. 3 for murder.

Rankings in Crime (out of 50 states)
(1 = Worst, 50 = Best)
Assault: 22
Burglary: 7
Murder: 3
Motor Vehicle Theft: 24
Rape: 22
Robbery: 11

Cussing Heard Round Cusseta

After working for awhile on one certain piece of furniture to put in our office we finally got it finished this weekend! Then one certain someone.......Ahem not me........stood it up to finish drying and moved off to another project in the yard. I was on the porch planting flowers in pots and he in the flower bed picking weeds. All of a sudden we heard a crash and glass shattering! We both turned to see our cabinet had fallen. There were some not so nice exclamations that came from our mouths when we saw our project in pieces. Our cabinet is now more of a hutch since one of the doors shattered! Ho hum......

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Am Home

I had a great time down south with Charity. I stayed with her at her parents house and we drove to Mobile/Daphne each day. We looked at some lovely homes and ate at two great restaurants, the Stage Coach and the Sugar Kettle. Both had awesome Southern food. We also found some great things at Old Time Pottery. Her Dad has a thrift shop so I came home with some great goodies! I look forward to spending more time with her when she moves down South!

Painting and a Planting

We are still working on the Spring Sprucing around the house. We have painted a cabinet and some other items this weekend and also planted some flowers. Home Depot was having a great deal--3 plants for a $1!!! We picked up a bunch and spruced up some flower pots!

Before--$2.00 at Big Lots

After--Spray Painted Gray with flakes of Black to look like concrete. I think I am going to do some more work on them!

The Cabbage and the Dusty Milner were still living from the winter spruce up.

Adding flowers to the front porch adds a lot for a little!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Headed South!

Ah the beach, seafood and fun! Oh OK fine I am not going to the beach but I will be in Mobile/Daphne so I can pretend. Maybe I will pass some nice seafood restaurants! One of my best friends Charity is in Monroeville at her parents house because she and her hubby are moving back to AL!!!!! So her and I and their daughter are going house hunting in Mobile, Daphne and the Spanish Fort area! If I could just get the rain to stop so I could get things to my car without getting soaked! I may not be sitting on the beach and dining on shrimp cocktail but I will have fun! See you in a few days!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pardon The Interruption

Attention Readers: We Interrupt Blogging

Cas and I are currently in the process of Spring Cleaning. We spent well over 12 hours in the yard yesterday and we are so worn out. I am very sun burnt and sore from my lawn mowing (Ahem..yes I can mow the lawn). Now we have moved on to the house. We have already thrown out a lot and put things back in their proper place. I will be back to blogging tomorrow sometime! Are any of you on the edge of your chairs waiting yet?

Friday, March 13, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

I have changed the background to our blog a couple of times tonight. It was hard to read through the shamrocks and I wanted something "Spring". I have even learned how to do custom colors. Now I am not limited to 20 colors that do not match! You know things must match.

While I was perusing some Easter ideas I came upon this!!!!!!!!!
Seriously??????? I know we are in a recession but come on! It looks like a diaper has been put in here and tied up to be put in the trash and someone walked by the sharpie on the way to the trash and thought it would be funny to draw rabbit like features on it! The one on the left apparently smells really bad because he appears to be crying and his whiskers are all over the place. Atleast buy some wiggly eyes and construction paper at the dollar store if you really feel this is a craft you must partake in! You know on second thought I do believe Cas will open the refrigerator one morning to find his lunch tied like this!
Hippity Hoppity Easter's On It's Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are so happy to let our friends and family know that Leslie and Adley are both doing great. Adley was born at 8:22 p.m.(3/11). She weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces and was 19-1/2" long. She simply is wonderful. Leslie got very sick after labor and so it took a little while to get her stabilized. But everyone is doing great now. We will send pictures soon, but right now it is time to go to bed.

Thanks you for all your thoughts and prayers.

Scott and Leslie

Yeah I can't wait to meet her!

Reason #1 You Should Blog Too-Tips of Free Things and Coupons!

I was scoping out some of my money saving blogs the other day and I came upon this. I have read her blog for a while now. I heard about it on ET or one of those shows. It said that would have new coupons up (savings of $50-$75) and it would happen on Thursday so I couldn't sleep last night so I came in and checked it around 2 a.m. or so and kept checking until around 5 and I never could find it so I finally got tired and went to bed. I have checked it all day and it was down for hours. It said they were updating their sales and "hiding coupons." I started around 6 p.m. I guess? looking for it to update and kept checking every 20 minutes or so all night. I am up late cleaning out the guest closet and throwing things away in the office so I just have occasionally gone by and clicked on the add to see if it was up yet. FINALLY around 11-12 p.m. it appeared. The blog article had said there would be $75 off of $100 coupons and that is what I was hoping for. I clicked and clicked until finally I found one that was $50 off $100. I guess I was not one of the lucky ones to get the $75 off! Which is kind of puzzling because as soon as the add appeared I started my hunt. Maybe others were able to pull it up before I was! But I am an absolute freak for the Buy One Get One deals so essentially that is what my coupon is! Ahh I love the Blogosphere! It tips me off to so many coupons and deals and not to mention the giveaways that so many of the blogs have! See you should blog too and you would be "In the Know" too!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please Say A Prayer

My oldest friend Leslie and certainly one of the dearest to me is having her second baby today. I am waiting to hear that little Adley Anne has come into the world. I know her family can't wait to meet her. Please keep her in your prayers today. Pray for her to have great delivery and that everyone in her family will be healthy! Her big sister McKenzie had a stomach bug yesterday! I can't wait to meet her.

Weekend Wrap-Up

Quick wrap-up.......Work in the yard on Saturday
Went to Kiesal Park on Sunday

Mags loved her day at the park

She was hoping she could get in the house....that means bed and ac

Walk miles and then go eat ice cream? I think this cancels the walking!
He is a sucker for their brownie sundaes
Maggie enjoying her doggie sundae.....she eats all the ice cream and leaves the dog bone!
Mine had the Girl Scout mint cookies in it

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dining For A Cause

Friday night we went out to dinner with Cas's work group. One of the guys that works with him has cancer and is going through treatments at the Cancer Centers of America in Chicago. They are doing a very very invasive procedure this next week. Please keep him in your prayers. They are very much needed. He has a precious little girl named Bailey. His co-workers gave me money to get some things together for him that he could take with him. I picked up a blanket, lots of books, magazines, crossword puzzles, a journal, note cards (in case he wants to send a card to his daughter), lots of hard candy and an Auburn t-shirt! He is an Auburn fan and I found a t-shirt that says "We are in it to win it"!!!! I thought it was very fitting. I absolutely HATE and DESPISE cancer! I pray that he wins his battle to the fullest!!!!!!! I have a very personal hatred to this horrible disease!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy Bee

I have been busy this week and have not had the time to post. I will catch up this weekend! If any of you are in the AU/Opelika area this weekend they have this, this, and this going on! We are going to all three! Hope you all are having a blessed Friday.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Reality Round-Up

We started watching Celebrity Apprentice last night because we really like some of the people on there. Thank goodness for "The Donald" getting rid of Andrew Dice Clay. He had a bad attitude and didn't want to be part of a team and truth be told I really couldn't listen to him talk much longer! The Bachelor comes on tonight and I am really interested to see if this guy is correct! Don't click on the link if you don't want the possible ending? I wonder if he is factual or not? I have to tape Jon and Kate Plus 8 while the Bachelor is on. Then we have The Biggest Loser tomorrow night! We have really gotten into in the past two seasons. I will have to also DVR The Duggar Family-18 Kids and Counting (As my friend Renea says "It's like a train can't help but watch!") I am sad that Real Housewives of Orange County has ended for the season. But I am happy that Kimora is back on and Keeping Up With the Kardashians starts very soon. I have last nights episode of The Girls Next Door to watch. Which we already knew they moved out and Hef got threes new girls. There are numerous other reality shoes I like such as Jockeys on Animal Planet and Ace of Cakes. Do any of you out there watch any of these shows and what are your thoughts on them? I would love to hear!


Oh I forgot to add Run's House, Daddy's Little Girls, Dancing With the Stars, Real World, The Hills, The City, Rob and Big and Robs Fantasy Factory (Cas watches these). Yes I know some are on MTV. Watch it I am not 30 yet!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

And Now, For the Rest of the Story!

Farewell Paul Harvey!

After having horrific storms and tornadoes within our county, then it warming up to where we were sweating outside the day before I surely didn't think we would have snow! In Alabama it is very common for the weather to change frequently in one day. But I still did not think we would actually see snow even though they were flashing Winter Storm Warning on the t.v. I set my alarm to wake up around 5:30 a.m. I figured if any flurries did fall it would be early and then they would melt. I was afraid we would sleep through it all! I went out and it was just sort of drizzling and then I looked it was actually little pieces of ice. I went in and tried to wake Cas up but he wasn't budging. I laid back down for a while hoping it would snow more. After laying there for about an hour I went back out and it was actually snowing this time! I went in and got dressed and put Maggie's winter coat on her (it didn't stay on long, she has such short legs). I finally convinced Cas to come and see. We went out for a little while and played with Maggie. We came in and cooked breakfast. We laid back down for a while and watched it snow through our bedroom window. We looked out at one point and you could hardly see through the snow it was coming down that heavy! We bundled up and went back out. We played with Maggie and even brought the cats out one by one to see how they felt about it. They are very thankful that they are indoor cats! Cas and I had snow fights, built a snowman, took a bunch of pictures and Cas even tackled me in the snow (not funny)! We had a blast playing like little kids. In some parts of the yard we had 7 inches of beautiful snow. There were times you could barely see if was coming down so hard. What fun memories. Hope you all had fun as well if you had snow! Today is sounds like it is raining with all the ice melting off of the roof. There are still little patches in the yard on this sunny day.

Good Day

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From Sleet to Snow!

Just as I got through with my "Crack of Dawn" post I opened up the front door to find snow! Ahhhh, the first snow we have had in our house! I finally wrangled Cas out of bed for a few pictures! Maybe we will have a blanket covering the yard when I get back up! I have really got to get some rain boots!

Who Are The Strange Neighbors?

Well for the second morning in a row I have been out taking pictures of our "extreme" weather conditions! Yesterday I know both of the neighbors across the street witnessed me. They were preparing to take cover for their lives while I was outside with my camera snapping away and I am sure thought I was about to look like Todo blowing through the skies. But I am still here (my hair does kind of resemble his this early in the a.m. though). Yes it is early! I set my alarm so I could wake up to see this! Or else we probably would have slept until any visible sign of snow (ice) had melted! Well my t.v says "Winter Storm Warning", but it's just a scattering of sleet! I can dream that I would have woken up to a snow blanket covering our yard, that we could have gotten bundled up, and that we could have taken Maggie out to romp through it! But I guess for everyones sake I better go get a little more rest since I didn't fall asleep until late! I will post my pictures later in the day.

Sweet Snowy Dreams!

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