Sunday, February 21, 2010

Extreme News

I get to go help on the Extreme Home Makeover this week!!!!!  Yep I do!  I saw where they were coming to our area and needed volunteers.  I volunteered Cas (him the days he is off) and I both a couple of weeks ago starting today through next Sunday but they had so many volunteers in the end that I received and email to come Wednesday.  They did not email me back about Cas though.   I guess they had all they needed after the media coverage over it.  We have been looking for ways to give back and when I heard about this I immediately got online and signed up!  I will not be at the house site I will be at the "other" site.  You know how many times they have another project going on.  The Dad works at the local hogh school and is a coach and the athletic director so I am thinking that they are doing something at his school.   I recieved the email about the family today and I will share it later this week.  The design team and Ty always travel to the "other" site as well so maybe I will get to see them or the celebrity that is working with them.  If not that is o.k. too because it is all part of giving back and "paying it forward"!  The rules say that you can not take pictures inside the house but I don't know if you can take "general" pictures or not?  I can not wait until Wednesday.....what Extreme fun!


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