Monday, February 15, 2010

Marriage Mondays


#964 (Dealing with a Man) ~ You need to know if you come to him with a problem, he will tell you how to solve it, then get back to watching t.v.  He will think his work is done.
I can't even get him to stop watching the t.v. while I am spilling my problem!
#199 (Marriage and Happiness) ~ You need to know men who marry are less likely to be arrested.  They're busy doing chores.  And that makes wives happy.
If he got arrested he would be there a while!  I don't do cops or jails!

#800 (Dealing with a Woman) ~ You need to know she secretly believes that if you use her razor on your face, you will give her a staph infection.  Somehow though, your razor is perfectly safe for her legs.  
Amen.....he has the good razor and I have the cheap disposable so I use his often!

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