Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cusseta to Cozumel

I don't have much time as we are on our way out (trying to be anyways!) We are leaving today for New Orleans and will spend the weekend there before our cruise to Mexico leaves from New Orleans on Monday. I will be eating beignet's for my birthday! Yay! I have so many blogs to post and just haven't had time but I will sit down and work on it when I return! I will for sure have lots of pictures to post. Hopefully just great stories to share too! We are very very sad that we have to leave Maggie sitting in the vet for over a week and I have already told her that the first cruise that is for animals we are going to be on the maiden voyage! I wish I could sneak her on! Hope you all have a great week! I will have a lot of blogs to read when I get back! I don't like not being able to have a laptop with us. TTFN!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

I kept Drew today for Renea while she had a Doctor appointment.......

We read some books, he napped, and swung and then against my better judgement I felt sorry for this critter!

 It was cool outside and we weren't doing anything so I was nice to said pooch and took him and of course Drew outside. I figured Drew and I would rock on the patio and kick the ball for Tag. To make a looong story short I ended up getting locked out of the house with a baby! When I turned the knob it wasn't locked or so I thought (I was later informed that "Yea it does that....sigh....thanks for the tip)
After I realized we were locked out without a phone I was hoping to see the neighbor next door that I know they know. Well she wasn't home and I tried a couple of other neighbors to finally find one of them home. Drew had eaten and been changed but I was worried if we "just sat it out" that he might get upset and need something quick! I just wanted to call Renea and see if she had a hidden key somewhere so incase he needed something ASAP I wouldn't have to break a glass pane on the door (and have to pay for it)! I finally reached her and she was on her way home. She laughed at the whole thing and Drew wasn't phased at all!

Hmm I wonder if he will want to hang with Auntie Melissa again??

He is thinking about it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Berry Good

I made the bread listed in the blog below with strawberries this time and it was good as well! I think my favorite is with the bananas though. I meant to take a picture of it but forgot. :(

Monday, August 17, 2009

Going Bananas

I made some delicious Banana Bread last week. My friend Meg had it posted on her blog and had made it with strawberries in it and I intended to make it when I bought strawberries. She said some of the ladies she works with used the same recipe and used bananas! Well what do you know I had two bananas sitting on my counter that were waiting to find their purpose in life before they ended up in the trash can! So I set out that afternoon to give them a purpose and make me something yummy to eat! I made one big loaf for us and three little loaves to share! April devoured hers in the car and I took 2 to share with Renea and Jason! It is very very yummy! Strawberries are B1G1 at Winn-Dixie this week so guess what Melissa will be making???? Yep Strawberry Bread!!!! Thanks Meg for sharing this recipe!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cheap is Cheap

I love a deal and our local home improvement store was marking down summer plants. I snagged the last 8 azaleas they had for $.80 cents a piece! I am not the biggest fan of azaleas but for $.80 cents I can find a place for them and enjoy them! They are not the Encore Azaleas but they are salmon color. I grabbed a few other $.25 & .50 cent plants to fill in some holes in planters too! I luuuvvv CHEAP!

Free Isn't Always Free

I had previously posted about the measures I had to take to get shutters for this house. One of the deals at Home Depot was that you got "FREE" Braves tickets with a purchase over a $100 a the time I bought them this Summer. They finally sent us our tickets and the were for Saturday against the Phillies. We loaded up and finally arrived to the stadium a few minutes late thanks to that great 365 days a year road work they have going on I-85. We parked and paid $10.00 for that. We headed off to find our seats and found them three rows from the top. I settled in and didn't budge because I wasn't walking up those steep death defying stairs again! After watching for a while Cas went and got us each a hot dog and a drink each. That was $18.50!!!!
So lets do the math on this:

$150 for shutters
$50?? or so for gas
$ 10 for parking
$18.50 for two hot dogs and two drinks (and that meant two more cups to cram in a cabinet)
=2 FREE tickets at $10.00 face value !!!!!!

Don't get me wrong we had fun but just because something is FREE doesn't really mean it is FREE!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Pitiful girl in her pajamas showing her Spider bite

In her dress watching Jon and Kate
Diva in a Dress

Happy Wednesday!

Not Sure If We Had Company Or Maggie Did????

My friend April came and spent a couple of days with us while she was working in Auburn. She also "suckered" me into going to one of Mary Kay events! I was paid off in Mexican food so who could say "NO" to that???? Maggie really enjoyed her! Normally Maggie sits with Cas or I but she was getting way too much lovin from April! I came home from work the next morning to find them in bed doing a Beth Moore Bible study! Maggie enjoyed it! I told April she needed to come back and spend some time with the cats because I am pretty sure they have not accepted Jesus as they often act devil-ish! We were glad to have her stay with us and of course we ride in style when she is here! For those of you who don't know......and I have blogged about it before as well......April introduced me to Charity (through Mary Kay) who set Cas and I up! The verdict is still out on if I should thank them or not! Ha! :) Can't wait til she stays again!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Enjoyable Yet Unenjoyable Weekend

We stayed home this weekend and didn't do much. It seems we are gone a lot on the weekends so we hung around our house this weekend. Plus we are hanging around at home since we will be gone for a while at the end of the month. Cas cut the grass and we cleaned some and I did the usual laundry....the same chores you do every week. Bleh.....anyways it was nice to just relax. We DVR'd a couple of movies and some of our favorite t.v. shows this weekend. We watched a cute movie with Ryan Reynolds in it Saturday called "Definitely Maybe" and last night we curled up and watched Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, one of our favorites and Kendra. We dined on Margaritas and popcorn. I know.....fancy right? Our days were enjoyable but MY nights are not. For some reason I do not sleep well in our bed. I have never enjoyed our mattress as I do not sleep well on them. Also it stays soo hot in our room. If we were going to stay in our house for a long time, which we are not staying long term, then we would probably look into buying an AC unit for our room. The longest I have slept any night this weekend was when I feel asleep on the couch watching t.v. because I had to move to the couch because I had horrible pains in my stomach. I do believe it is due to my gallbladder as I have quit a few stones that were detected by ultrasound last year. Argh just some more of life's fun! I didn't wake up like I wake up what seems like every 30 minutes in our bed. So needless to say I was grouchy this morning because I feel like I didn't even sleep last night!

On a side note this weekend was the longest yard sale starting in Gadsden and I have always wanted to go. Sounds thrilling to me! I am going to have to make a mental note in the calendar in my head to attend next year! I have been reading some blogs this morning of some ladies that went! Miles of vintage items (and yes...lots of junk) and things that need some spray paint to be beautiful = Miles of FUN!!!!

I read all three of these ladies as they have great do-it-yourself and trash to treasure projects and they posted their stories here. She has the link to the other two ladies on her page.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sweet Girl

Our most wonderful friends Jason and Renea lost one of their Corgi's, Riley today. She was having a lot of medical problems and they had to make the decision to put her to sleep. Riley was a sweet-heart. Very laid back and just did her own thing. We will miss her and Maggie will miss her friend.

Riley is the darker one in the back with Tag her brother in the front.
You can read Renea's blog on her here.

I Have Been Seeing Another Man

Yes it's true I have another man in my life......a bit younger than Cas and he doesn't want me to wash his laundry and cook his dinner! Makes my heart pitter-patter!
We have also been going out on lunch dates! He lets me order what I want and he doesn't complain and he was nice enough to let me go eat at Laredo's and Cottage Cafe! Cas doesn't appreciate my love for these two delicious establishments!
That's right folks it's Drew! Apparently he is just not that in to me as he sleeps whenever I am around! But hey like I said he let's me eat at restaurants I like and doesn't complain! I guess it's the little things! We have been going on some lunch dates and yeah we take his Mom....I know I know...... you are thinking third wheel! Ha! Other than a few foul smells and the fact that he doesn't pay (what a date ;o) we have been enjoying our lunch's out!Documented by Muah......1st trip to a Mexican Restaurant! 1st time to order white cheese dip! That should be in the baby books....right? Thank goodness he didn't hog it or I would be moving onto someone other hunk!I guess I shouldn't take it personally that he is not enthralled with my every move or sitting on the edge of his car seat to see what I am going to do next as he doesn't seem to really care for shopping or these recipes his mother was flipping through while at World Market! I won't take any of this personally until at least after his 1st birthday!

To more delicious dates with Drew!

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