Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stormy/Sunny/Snowy Saturday????

You can read about our Friday here!

We woke up to the tornado sirens going off and we turned on the t.v. to the news that told us we were under tornado warnings! It was storming really hard. Then after it cleared off it was a pretty sunny day. We worked in the yard planting things and digging up bulbs to move. Now we are cooking dinner and the t.v. says we are under a winter storm watch? Only in Alabama! Happy Saturday!
Love Melissa and Cas

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lots to Do

Lots to do around here this weekend. Cas does not work on Fridays so hopefully we can get started tomorrow before the rain gets here. We have to run a few errands 1st in the morning.What to start on 1st? Planting flowers, painting furniture or start on my garden? We brought home a blueberry bush from Aunt Barbara and Cas's Mom gave us a Forsythia and and Azalea and some Lantana. We need to get those in the ground. Also I still have a china cabinet to finish painting. It has just either been to cold to paint or it has been rainy the days I have had a chance to do it. We have a lot of little odds and end to put up and do around here. Also Cas's mom sent us a bunch of Pecans to crack. I will have to get the BF "cracking" on that project while he spends hours with his love.....the DVR! We also have a bunch of seeds to plant. I have a handy dandy gadget coming for this project. I will share when it comes in!

Cas digging up some of the plants we brought back

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not My Week

If any of you read my mishap with my little chocolaty yummies then you know things were not in my favor this week. Cas had to go to the funeral home last night to visit some old friends who had lost their mother. He said he would take me out to dinner at Longhorns. You mean I don't have to cook dinner and I can go out to eat? What time....I am there. In fact I had already blurted out my choice of what I knew I would be feasting on! "PRIME RIB"!!!!! I was showered and ready when Cas made it home from work. I told him yet again what I would be dining on and even made a few sniffing noises at him and saying.......Sniff smell that? Mmm Prime Rib!!!!! Yes I really did that in the car. We quickly got a table. Thank goodness because I had been fasting for this! Our waiter who was also the bartender (he didn't have too much time for us) came and asked if we wanted bread? Yes please! (or I will go and get it myself I am starving here) He came and took or orders. I will have the Prime Rib please with Mashed Potatoes. Cas followed with the sentiment. Ahh heaven on a plate coming in minutes........let me cut another slab of this bread off and slather it with this yummy butter! Here comes bartender/waiter dude again and he stopped at our table. "Sorry guys, we JUST ran out of the Prime Rib!" Excuse me? Surely he is talking to the table behind me! Cas grab the butter knife out of my reach (i thought)! I looked at him like he told me my Dog had just died. I did not eat all day and put on descent clothes (yes I put on pants that were not lounge pants) to be told that my little piece of cow that I had dreamed of all day was no where to be found in the Steak-House! What did I do to the Gods to deserve all this lately? I have been cleaning up after a sick dog all week and this all I wanted! I had to pick out something else from the menu. It was not as good as I had hoped. What is next to not look forward to? Ho hummmm

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Few Finds

Finally I found a recipe book like I have been looking for. Now I can stop writing every recipe I find online down on scratch pieces of paper! All the pieces of paper get scattered around or stuffed in the basket with cook books. I need some organization for my recipes!

I found these before Christmas but we finally just put them up this past week. They were a thrifty find and actually if you look close enough they are puzzles and were already framed. Not exactly what I was wanting but they look good and if you look real closely on the top left of the left picture......It's a Beehive with bees! (I am a collector of bees since Melissa means "honey bee")

Another thrifty find. A "vintage" snoopy dog treat tin! I knocked two birds out with this one. Cas collects Snoopy and......well Maggie eats treats!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Put All My Eggs in One Basket and Counted the Chickens Before They Hatched!

I was so excited that we would be going by a Rite-Aid Friday night on our way out of town. (we don't have them near our house) Why you ask?
These fabulous little pastel colored yummies that just melt in your mouth! They are my absolute favorite candies! I live for the time of year they are put out! I was flipping through the sale papers last week and spotted a "Buy One, Get One" add in the Rite-Aid sale paper. You mean I can pay for one bag of these and leave with two bags of the bestest, yummiest candies that I Luuuuuuvvvv? No way! I made the wonderful BF whip the car into their parking lot as we were driving by on our way out of town. I quickly ran down the Easter isle with my eyes peeled for the sapphire blue bags of goodness. Hmmm don't see any. Maybe they are on the end of the isle with the other BOGO candies. Nope not there. I went up front and picked up a sales add with the picture in it and found a sales chick. I explained to her that I made a special trip just for these based off of their add. She said "Oh we don't have those in yet"! Well Ma'am your little colorful sales add with picture....might I add says you have them and that I can leave with two bags for the price of one...and you lied.....Is what I wanted to scream at the young girl who didn't really care about my concern! I said fine I came here just because this add and scurried off. They had plenty of the little minnie bags (like 15 count) so I picked up 2 bags and made my way to the counter. Such a let down I tell you!
"I guess I should not have put all my eggs in one basket or counted the chickens before they hatched"! Ha!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Let Me Know!

I see the number has gone up on my counter on the blog but I haven't received any comments. If you have gotten my message and are reading let me know what you think. Also, I forgot to add in my email that if you or anyone I know has a blog and I don't know about it please send me the link so I can add you and keep up with you all!


Friday Frenzy

I thought I would post really fast. We are cleaning up around the house and washing laundry like crazy. We are going out of town for the weekend so we are trying to get alot done before we leave. I like coming home to a clean house. I still have to finish packing myself and Maggie! I had to remove Snoogans out of my suitcase as he thought it was a comfy bed! It is pretty outside today so we have all the plants out "sunnin" and we are going to plant some grasses and bulbs in some of our new pots before we leave. Hope all of you have a great weekend and I will update all three of our blogs when I get home! I have a great new recipe for Apple Dumplings that I made this morning for breakfast. Cas said they tasted like something we would have eaten at Panera so I take it he approved!

Melissa and Cas

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slithering Satan!

I was watching t.v. and I saw this! I have already informed Cas we would move and then burn the house down in this happened! I would not stand around and wait on some one to come pick it up either! Trust me of my fear and ultimate hatred of these beasts! We have seen two since we have lived here! I opened the back door one night to take trash out and a "small" (and I don't care if they are 1 inch or 100 feet I am deathly afraid) one ran across the back porch. I screamed so loud that people across the county could here me. The other time I was walking through the grass coming up to the front door and the little demon popped up and ran onto our front porch. So what did I do? I screamed for Cas and starting pulling things out of my purse and throwing them at the window so he would come and save me! He didn't hear me as he was in the Gentleman's Room! I am sure the neighbors wondered who the nut was that have moved in over here as I was screaming and throwing all the contents of my purse at our house! These people in the video have someone come "save" it and then they are going to take it to a sanctuary! Their are people in this country losing their houses and we have sanctuaries for these things? I have even researched buying two guineas for the back yard because it says that they can keep snakes away! Yes I know they keep rats away, but I would rather see a rat than reptile! Believe it or not my two step-brothers once had one as a pet! I will be putting out moth balls in the yard soon to repel the vermin's! Please don't send me any hate mail because I don't have love for the reptilian kind! Sorry I have sense!

Despiser of Snakes,

Up, Up and Awake!

I have been having trouble sleeping at night so therefore I have been watching a lot of t.v. (Along with hearing the BF and pets snore) Any who I saw everything from reality shows to home renovations and there is always a few infomercials I stop on to see "what they heck they are selling now." One of the shows I watched was about the rich and famous celebrities having babies and the millions they spend. They let me know who bought what and where it came from as if I would be running out to spend a million dollars any time soon! One of the things they shared with all of America was that Jennifer Lopez had a verrrrry expensive baby shower. OK that is fine. I would love all the baby fun and goodies if I was rich! But the disturbing part.....she threw the shower herself. Does the booty-liscious Baby Mama not have enough friends or any friends for that matter that would have given her a lovely shower? Or did she give it herself because she was afraid it would not be glamorous enough? That is one to sleep on! (if I could sleep!) Another show I watched was called "Renovation Realities". If you ask me it should be renamed "Do-It-Yourself Dummies!" This mother and son duo with their northern accents decided to remodel the sons kitchen.....big mistake. I don't think either one of them had ever even flipped through a home magazine much less done anything inside the home! The son said "How had (they were from the North and left a lot of letters out) could it be! Well he had the mother start painting before the demolition even started....why? You are just going to run the risk of messing it up. To move on through the hour of their stupidity quickly I will point out a few of their not so genius blunders. They hung the top cabinets before demoing the bottom cabinets and as they were kicking the bottom cabinets.....the top cabinets came falling down. Well that messed up the brand new cabinets. A)They didn't put them in with anchors and B) They should have taken everything down before putting anything new up! So they had to go buy new ones. Next the mother went to pick out a counter top. She picks out a barn red (yes, ugly) counter top. She throws a very long piece of counter top in the back of her pick up truck with a very short bed and does not tie it you guessed it, it comes crashing down out of the truck and splits! A) Don't let your mother pick out your counter tops (especially barn red) and B) Tie them down. I can't even go into all the dumb details but people please don't take on projects that you don't have a clue about! They spent double the budget and the kitchen still did not look that great.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

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Hope you all had a great day! We went to the most glorious place! This place!

Behind those doors are the most plants you have ever seen in one place! Oh glorious I tell you! Not to mention they have some of the prettiest home furnishing that Cas and I have our eyes on! We went to both locations. We picked up a few things for some of our flower pots. I can tell you we have definate plans to go back. Maybe Uncle Sam will be good to us and we can bring back more goodies.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

Ahh can you smell that? Come closer......ahh the smell of muscadine! Smells like pure grapes. When we went to Barnsville Buggy Days this past fall I went in a old drug store which I love to do and they have their own brand of candles there. I bought a regular candle that was fall scented for Renea and I and I filled up my little basket with some of the greatest smelling tarts you have ever sniffed. And yes I did sniff most of them! I must encourage you all to order some. They are cheap and super smelly (the good kind of smelly)! I do recommend Orange Juice and Muscadine! Let me know if any of you order any and what your favorite scent is!
It is Friday the 13th and hope all continues to go well for the rest of the day!

Disruptive Dialing

People you really should double check and triple check (if you need to) the numbers you are dialing.......especially at 4 in the morning! It has been hard for me to fall asleep and once I fall asleep I would like to stay that way. Someone called my cell phone and woke me up at 4 am! Not a happy camper am I! It took me a long time to fall back asleep! How Rude!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is it a right of passage or a place to buy in bulk?

Dear Sam's Management,

I have just returned from your store and want to know why it takes and act of God to get a dang card to flash at the door greeter just so I can buy cheese in bulk? The BF and I went to photo counter and your friendly employee helped us. Our card was expired and she gladly (and quickly) helped us. I inquired about the fact that last year we had to buy two separate cards because we did not live under the same roof and the lady said just go over to the main counter and let them know and they should just give us another one so in case I come by myself then I will have one without having to spend another 40 dollars. Well Mr. Sam we perused your store while throwing necessities in the buggy. I must say also that you have a lovely assortment of flower bulbs that the BF and I have our eyes on. Anyways I thought while the BF was checking out I would go get in the "quick" line to pick up our extra card. I stood behind some rather obnoxious ladies in line talking to the girlfriends out of line. I figured I could deal with since it shouldn't take that long to get the front.....right? There was only two ladies helping out. One lady was helping a couple out and she handed them all kinds of paperwork. Then they sooo affectionately kissed! Is that necessary? They appeared more as if they were there getting a marriage licence! The other lady was helping out a woman that had all kinds of information in her hand when she got to the front. She appeared like she was there for a passport! After standing there way longer than I should (and didn't move) we left. Is Sam's some major government office that I don't know about or just somewhere you can buy toilet paper in bulk? I ask you?

Mexican and Mary Kay

One of my dear friends, April, that I have known since going to Southern Union called and wanted to meet me Thursday. She cornered me after math class one day.....I knew she had to want something else other than help with math (because that would have been a joke). Ultimately she is the one that "swindled"(haha) me into Mary Kay! April lives in Aniston and comes to town occasionally to work. We met at Starbucks.....thought we were gonna have coffee! Um yeah right, I had a better chance of finding a $20 dollar bill on the ground that getting a table in there! You see our Starbucks is the happening place for the hip college students to "study" at. Really they should either expand or put a time limit on the tables....geez. We hopped in the Pink Cadillac (yep I have a friend that has a pink cadillac..she is an awesome Mary Kay saleslady) and contemplated where to go from there. So she suggested Mexican! Sweet Jesus Thank You! That is my favorite thing and I have a love for Laredos! There is nothing better than spending an evening there. I would probably choose this place over any "fancy" restaurant any time. I don't really know why I get a menu. I scan over to see if I might try something new, but I don't. I ALWAYS get a chicken and cheese quesidilla with white cheese dip on and a margarita. And it is a sin to go and not get a white cheese dip for an appetizer! So you know we did! There is a special place in heaven for whoever invented White Cheese Dip! She surprised me and treated me to dinner! So sweet.....and to top that off she brought me a really cute bag filled with Mary Kay goodies! I must have been on the good list last week. Thank You April......I can't wait to take you out and treat you!

P.S. I met Charity through April and Charity introduced me to Cas so April indirectly has something to do with "us"

Here is her cute Pink Cadillac. It has her name on the dash and all!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Congratulatins Renea and Jason

Baby Blessings

Last weekend I went to Birmingham for my oldest friends Baby Shower! By oldest I mean the longest! Leslie and I have been friends since Mrs. Wheelis's Kindergarten class! I love her dearly and I definitely do not get to see her enough but I wish her the best for the upcoming arrival of Miss Adley Ann! Leslie has a beautiful daughter McKenzie and a step-son Logan. Adley will be here in March and I can't wait to meet her!
P.S. Les I will pray that she had brown hair (but it's doubtful!)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

There are no words other than "pathetic"! I woke up about 4 and this is what I found. Them sleeping in the same position!
(No one was awoken or harmed by my 4 a.m. photo session)

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