Sunday, May 16, 2010


I wanted to quickly blog to remind you all to watch the Season Finale of Extreme Makeover~Home Edition tonight!  It is the Williams family from here in Pine Mountain, Ga!  They are such a deserving family and their problems unfortunately will not end with a new home as the husband has ALS and quickly takes lives and the son has Spina Bifida!  I was there for the reveal and it was awesome and you could see how grateful they truly were and that was not re-recorded for the was real!  Please remember to keep them in your prayers!
Also I wanted to let you all know that the companies that built the home, Nationwide and Palm Harbor, they all used their vacation time and paid for their own travel and hotel rooms and they all were so happy to have done it and all they cared about was getting this house done for this family, not that they were not being compensated for their time!  This was truly a blessing to have been a part of to see a community, family, and friends come together for a selfless act to help out some one in need!  Hope you all tune in!

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