Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Valentines to Me

Well it will be when I hopefully WIN I will I will this fabulous giveaway!  You see I have a great love obsession with those two candles Miss Laura has posted and they NEED to come to my house so they will have some companions that I use sparingly because I can't bare to use them all up.  If any of my friends win the giveaway then I will come sit at your house to enjoy the great smell of them burning and if they dissapear well then I will have no idea what happened....honest.  So go over and try to win the prize for you ME, today is the last day!


  1. Weren't you supposed to put the link to her blog in this post?

  2. I did smarty.....it is in the black writing that says "this fabulous giveaway"!


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