Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl

We are settling in to watch the Super Bowl. I have made Spaghetti with turkey....the 1st time ever and I am about to make some banana pudding as well!  I am not a huge sports fan  except I like hockey because people get smashed up against the plexi-glass and if I am going to watch them I prefer to be there!  I do like the Super Bowl though for the commercials and musical performances!  Let me tell you how we have picked teams around here....Cas is pulling for the Colts because he likes Peyton Manning.  I am pulling for the Saints because they have beignets, king cakes, Mardi Gras and fluer de lis!  I know I know but a girl picks by food and symbols and events.  You will see my thing for fluer de lis come up soon in another post.  Too bad I did not buy some beignet mix to make. I do love Hank and Kendra and Reggie and Kim so I am hoping to see  them on tv tonight as well. You can also see that relaity t.v. plays consumes a part in my life! We have actually been to New Orleans and Indianapolis together and gone past both of the stadiums.  This should provide for an entertaining evening! Any of you have anything special going on? Go Saints!

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