Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tips Tuesdays~Grocery Shopping

Leslie over at Lamberts Lately is doing a new blog hop about tips and this week it is about grocery shopping.
I have blogged about this many time and it can be really fun to grocery shop once you realize how to get the most for your money and  it is super fun when you are walking out with numerous bags and you hardly paid anything for them.  It is kind of like legally stealing!  Last night I saved over $90 at Publix.  I had not done to much shopping lately since we have been gone so much since Thanksgiving so therefor I had not blogged about any fabulous deals.

* I learned in a coupon class that you should buy a paper for ever person in your house, so I buy two each week.  Even if you live alone I think you should get a minimum of two papers or print out two coupons because when they have a BOGO sale and the coupon is for a % of of one item then you can use both coupons off of the cost of one item since the second one is already FREE!  That is when you start saving a lot!
* You should make your menu off of what is on sale and not make your menu and then grocery shop because it is really hard to save money that way.
*If you go once a week (I Puffy Heart Publix so that is where I try to do most of my shopping) and use your coupons and get the non perishable items that you use anyways then in no time you will have a good amount of food to choose from.  Then you are not always running out to buy an item here and there.
* I have many saving cites listed on the right side of my blog and I refer to them often especially when they are notifying me of FREE or close to free things.  I do like iheartpublix.com
* I also have a very organized coupon book that is split up by categories.  I have found that it is better to make your own list of categories depending on your needs and the easiest way for you to file things and find them!
*I try to get on the website of which ever grocery store I am going to and make a list of the things I need that are on sale and then I try to pull my coupons before I go to the store so that way I know if I have coupons for the item.  The best way to save money is to get items on sale and BOGO and then use coupons on top of them!
* I buy a lot of our meat at Sam's (much to the dismay of my Father because he likes better quality meat...ha) because it is much cheaper and I can break it up and freeze what I am not getting ready to use.  I also buy the large items there as well such as rice.  Milk and eggs are super cheap there too!  My tip for the best thing to buy at Sam's is the hoagie rolls that they bake fresh there.  It is a little more than three dollars for 6 loafs and we use them for sandwiches and also use them as french bread with meals.  They are so much cheaper than buying regular french bread and you can freeze it as well.
* I also am better at shopping alone so that I do not get sidetracked.

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